Commercial Filming and Photography at BMCC

The Office of Administration and Planning is the resource for information about filming on BMCC property. We provide information about the BMCC’s filming policies and procedures and are the office to contact if you want to request a permit for filming projects.

Filming projects that require BMCC permission and a film location permit include, but are not limited to:

  • Feature films, short films, television programs, music videos, reality TV and independent films
  • Documentaries that are not news productions
  • Documentaries that are categorized as news but require the signing of a location permit

Submitting a Request

  • Contact Tanya Hughes, Administrative Events Coordinator, to arrange for a location scout of the BMCC campus.
  • Determine dates and times for proposed filming and submit content proposal for approval.
  • All scripts must be approved by the Office of Administration and Planning prior to a filming request being considered. If approval is received, a location fee will be determined based on several factors including location, date, time, number of hours filming, size of crew and amount of equipment, and disruption to campus.
  • Prior to creation of the film location permit, an insurance certificate with required coverage must be received.


During filming, the Office of Administration and Planning oversees compliance with provisions of the commercial filming location permit, resolves conflicts at filming locations if they arise and assists producers with their requests for unanticipated needs.

Film crews are responsible for taking precautions to safely cover electrical cables on sidewalks and other pedestrian areas to avoid hazards and to provide safe access for people with disabilities.

Requests for commercial filming can be submitted to Tanya Hughes, Administrative Events Coordinator, or (212) 220-8349.

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