BMCC Brand Guidelines

Brand Story

The BMCC brand is how we tell our story. It’s everything we say, do and produce. It’s the experience people have when they interact with our college community, the shared values that connect us with others and motivate people to choose BMCC as a place to work, learn and grow. Learn more about our brand, audience and messaging.


Our brand is brought to life through messaging, visual identity, typography and colors that create our unique identity and set us apart from other institutions. This guide brings together all these elements to show how our brand should be portrayed visually in print or digitally.

This guide is not intended to limit creativity, but to make sure the college community and others use the branding elements properly and consistently. A unified voice leads to better recognition and understanding among our audiences of what our brand represents. It also ensures that the goals and messages of each program, department, and individual are aligned with our institutional messages and goals. A strong brand will enhance our effectiveness and help support our mission.

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