College Colors

The official colors of BMCC are blue (Pantone 293) and orange (Pantone 021), taken from the Pantone Matching System that standardizes ink colors to printing. The equivalents for four-color (CMYK) and Web (hexadecimal) are listed below.


Pantone 293
CMYK Equivalent: C: 97, M: 65, Y: 10, K:0
Web Hexadecimal Equivalent: #0051BB

BMCC Orange

Pantone 021
CMYK Equivalent: C: 0, M: 60, Y: 100, K:0
Web Hexadecimal Equivalent: #FF6600

In addition to blue and orange, we have built a palette of colors over the years that we use in publications for admission and a host of brochures, posters, invitations and other publications to promote programs at BMCC. Some of those that we use the most are shown here. We also use their Web-safe approximate equivalents on the BMCC Web site. For guidance on color choices, please consult the Office of Public Affairs.

Light Yellow

Pantone 100
CMYK Equivalent: C: 1, M: 0, Y: 70, K:0
Web Hexadecimal Equivalent: #F6EB61


Pantone 421
CMYK Equivalent: C: 28, M: 20, Y: 20, K:1
Web Hexadecimal Equivalent: #B2B4B2

Light Blue

Pantone 291
CMYK Equivalent: C: 40, M: 8, Y: 1, K:0
Web Hexadecimal Equivalent: #9BCBEB

Light Green

Pantone 358
CMYK Equivalent: C: 32 M: 0, Y: 51, K:0
Web Hexadecimal Equivalent: #ADDC91

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