About Our Brand

The BMCC Panther Promise is an affordable, accessible, high-quality education for all ages and backgrounds.

Who We Are

Established in 1964, Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) is the largest community college in the City University of New York (CUNY) system. Located in the heart of downtown Manhattan, BMCC has a diverse, engaged community of students, faculty and staff representing more than 155 nations, speaking 111 different languages. The College attracts bright, ambitious individuals of every age who are seeking intellectual enrichment. BMCC is placed among the top five community colleges nationwide for awarding degrees to minority students, as well as ranked #3 for increasing household income.

What We Stand For

BMCC is committed to advancing equity and the intellectual and personal growth of students. BMCC stands for access, affordability, social justice and advancing opportunity and economic mobility, ultimately diversifying and bringing new talent to the workforce.

What We Offer

The BMCC offers an affordable, high-quality education that pays off. Students benefit from leading associate degree programs that prepare them for what comes next and create a clear path to their dreams. BMCC students gain professional and technical skills–career knowledge–that impress employers. Graduates are prepared for well-paying, exciting career fields that bring financial security for themselves and their families.


Advancement. 50+ academic programs to equip you for a competitive and changing job market.

Savings. 90% of BMCC graduates earn their degree, debt-free.

Experience. Hands-on learning inside and outside the classroom from faculty experts in various industries.

Flexibility. Classes offered day, evening and weekends; online, in-person or hybrid to fit your lifestyle.

Support. Personal attention from faculty, staff and students to help you along the way.

Community. A welcoming, inclusive environment with diverse cultures, voices and perspectives.

Transferable credits. Earn credits that can transfer easily to a bachelor’s degree program.

Opportunity. Unparalleled access to a variety of networking and personal development resources.

Value. Top #3 community college nationally; recognized for academic research, supporting minority students, and increasing graduates earning power.

Brand Character

Brand character is the personality and tone of the college. Depending on the intention and audience of a given communication, whether in-person meetings, zoom meetings, social media, the website, brochures, emails, phone calls, etc., the tone should always be supportive, welcoming, professional, vibrant, creative, inclusive, empowering, aspirational, approachable, friendly, interactive, and innovative.

BMCC’s messages are more effective and engaging when we understand who we’re talking to. We serve a diverse community, but our primary and secondary audiences include:

  • Prospective (domestic and international) and Current Students
  • Alumni, Parent/Caregivers of Students, Guidance Counselors, Faculty, Staff, Board of Directors, Donors, Business/Industry, Media, Legislators, Community Members


The fundamental idea in our brand story is our tagline “Start Here. Go Anywhere.which is catchy and memorable. It’s an imperative tagline that encourages individuals to take action. It communicates the value and outcomes of a BMCC education. It also engenders possibility, hope, ambition to our students to personally go outside the traditional expectation they may have for themselves and see more for their future.


When communicating with our audiences, our words are important because they communicate our messages, express our identity, and help us connect with our audiences in meaningful ways. The messages below offer a reference point for key words, language, and entry points where the BMCC brand lives in a diverse array of materials and collateral.

Brand pillar 1: Integrated Learning Experience

From enrollment to graduation, BMCC supports its diverse population of students with specialized programming and services to persist and thrive on their academic journey. Students are encouraged to connect to the academic, financial, professional, and personal resources available to ensure a successful college experience. BMCC’s programs are solutions for building skills, better jobs, and brighter futures.

Brand pillar 2: Retention and Graduation

BMCC allocates and organizes resources to help students persist and reach their full potential. We create transformational experiences for students to engage and support timely graduation.

Brand pillar 3: Access and Opportunity

BMCC closes the opportunity gap by improving affordability and increasing access to college and workforce training, especially for adult learners, low-income students, and under-represented minorities. We forge transfer agreements with top colleges and maintain unique partnerships with surrounding businesses to offer students a range of opportunities and resources. The accessibility of our dedicated faculty and staff provides students with the comfort of a strong support network. We strengthen communities by giving students and their families a way out of poverty and a bridge to the middle class.

Brand pillar 4: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We provide a welcoming space for students to build authentic connections within an inclusive environment. We work to reduce barriers to student success, ensure equitable opportunities, and enrich learning through diverse perspectives and experiences.

Supporting messages:

Your Dream. Our Mission.

BMCC’s high-quality education prepares you for what comes next and creates a clear path to achieve your goals. Earn an associate degree that easily transfers to a bachelor’s program or propels you into a rewarding career.

Low Tuition. High Value.

Starting at BMCC will cut your overall education costs and save you thousands of dollars.

Your Success. Our Commitment.

Excel in a supportive environment with resources that help you persist and succeed.

Your Classroom. Our City.

The BMCC campus is alive with innovative programs that make college an enriching and exciting experience.

Your Future. Our Legacy.

BMCC graduates are prepared for well-paying career fields that bring financial security for themselves and their families.

Office of Public Affairs

245 Greenwich Street, Room F-1230
New York, NY 10007
Phone: (212) 346-8501
Email: publicaffairs@bmcc.cuny.edu

Hours of Operation:
9 a.m.–5 p.m.