The BMCC Logo

This is BMCC’s official wordmark. The wordmark is available for download as a jpg, pdf or png image. It was derived from Arial Black, customized in a drawing program and saved as a piece of art. It should not be created anew from the font. 

The wordmark is typically printed in blue with orange highlights or solid blue.
It may also be printed in black, reversed against a dark color, or, when appropriate, in one of the colors in the BMCC palette. See BMCC colors for full specifications.

The logo should not be printed in solid orange.

The wordmark should not be distorted in any way (stretched, reshaped, etc.). It should not be used with the BMCC Seal. The wordmark should be accompanied somewhere on the same page with the words “Borough of Manhattan Community College.” 

Stretch Logo

The logo should not be incorporated or combined with other logos. If you are considering integrating the logo into a larger design or need assistance with co-branding, consult with Public Affairs.

Some Wordmark Variants

The name of the school below the wordmark:

The name of the school to the side of the wordmark:

The wordmark with slogan:

The wordmark with address below:

The wordmark with CUNY logo:

Minimum Size

The minimum print reproduction size is 5/16”.

The minimum digital reproduction size is 47 pixels wide (to accommodate mobile app icons).


Area of Isolation

The protected area around the logo is the area of isolation. No graphic elements, titles, text, background color changes or other design elements may occur in this protected space.

The area of isolation is an area equal to half the height of the logo and extends out on all four sides of the logo. In the example below, X equals the height of the logo, and 1/2 X on each side is considered the area of isolation.

Area of Isolation

However, if the full area of isolation cannot be achieved, it may be reduced to 1/4 X for web applications only of the logo, word mark and signatures. For example, if the logo used is 64 pixels high, the VSPACE and HSPACE attribute of the image should be no less than 16 pixels.

Secondary type, as is used in return address blocks with the signature (as shown in the left column), is the only exception to the area of isolation.

Logo with Images

Use of logo on photographs is acceptable if there is enough contrast to make the logo visible. The placement of the logo should be in an area of the photograph where there are no distracting patterns or elements.

Office of Public Affairs

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