Apparel and Merchandise

All promotional items (t-shirts, bags, pens, cups, etc.) that include the official BMCC logo, must be approved by Public Affairs before the artwork is sent to the vendor. All vendors must work with Public Affairs to receive approval on use of logo before production begins.

Merchandise (including clothing, hats and other apparel), along with promotional items that include the BMCC logo are branded merchandise and subject to the same logo usage requirements. It is generally restricted to the primary and secondary colors in the BMCC color palette. We encourage you to include our tagline with the logo but it is not required.

Any sponsor logos or acknowledgments that will appear on items should appear with the graphics to be submitted.

Approved Color Combinations

To make your printed and embroidered materials look their very best, a set of color combinations has been established. Any color combination not pictured below is restricted.

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