News Filming and Photography at BMCC

News filming and photography does not require a permit, but media should submit requests for interviews, photography and video to the Office of Public Affairs. BMCC’s Public Affairs team is available to assist in coordinating the logistics of any news requests.

For convenience, the word “filming” as used in these guidelines includes motion pictures, filming, videotape, still photography and digital imaging. Audio recordings are also included. This section provides information for news organizations, the filming industry, students, registered student organizations, visitors to campus and others.

Filming on the BMCC campus is regulated. Review the filming categories below to determine if you need a filming location permit, or qualify for exemption under provisions for certain students, news organizations or university units.

News Filming and Photography

News photography and filming by a qualified news reporting service does not require a permit. The Office of Public Affairs is available to help coordinate news filming requests. Written permits are not required unless special circumstances apply, in which case the decision to require a permit will be made on a case-by-case basis by the Executive Director of Public Affairs.

Visitors Filming on Campus

No permit is required for the incidental, unobtrusive non-commercial filming or photography by visitors or tourists to the BMCC campus. Any such filming or photography may not be used for commercial purposes at any time without the express written permission of the Office of Public Affairs.

Office of Public Affairs

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Phone: (212) 346-8501

Hours of Operation:
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