College Communications Guidelines and Procedures

The BMCC Office of Public Affairs increases awareness, understanding and support of BMCC’s mission and promotes the accomplishments of its constituencies. The Office of Public Affairs also focuses on the creation and implementation of strategic communications initiatives, plans and events that support the College’s academic programs, faculty research, student achievement and community engagement.

The office can help you effectively promote an upcoming event, through various platforms that include social media, publications, the College website and public relations. Although Public Affairs does not manage all institutional communications, it does provide guidance to the college community on best practices across many platforms and strategies.

Print and Online Communications

BMCC website

  • Calendar
    To submit an item for the calendar on BMCC’s home page, please email information to The event must be open to all BMCC students to be listed on the web calendar. Please include a brief description of the event, day, time, location and a contact for further information. Let us know if the event is open to the general public, in addition to the BMCC community. Events must be approved by the department chair and vice president prior to submission.Most on-campus events organized by Student Clubs are held in the classroom assigned to the club for their regular Wednesday meetings from 2–4 p.m., BMCC Club Hours. These events organized by clubs typically cater to specific audiences and have limited space availability. Thus, it is our practice not to add them to BMCC college-wide event calendar. However, if a student club event is scheduled to take place in a public or open campus space, such as the Richard Harris Terrace, the Theater, the lobby, or a lecture hall, then the event may be added to the BMCC college-wide calendar. In these cases, the request to add the event to the calendar should be submitted either by the Office of Student Activities (OSA) or the Vice President for Student Affairs Office.
  • Directory
    The BMCC community’s email addresses and phone numbers are listed in the website’s Directory. If your information is incorrect or needs to be updated, please submit a request to the Service Desk.
  • BMCC News
    The home page of the BMCC website displays images and links to news articles highlighting student achievement, faculty research, campus events and stories about community and alumni engagement. After rotating off the home page, the articles remain accessible through the BMCC News archives.
  • Department or Program Web Pages
    Every BMCC department and academic program is represented with its own page on the BMCC website, providing information about staff and services, course descriptions, student requirements, faculty listings and more.
  • Faculty Profile Pages
    Each BMCC faculty member is encouraged to create and update a faculty profile page that highlights his/her areas of expertise, degrees, courses taught, research and projects, publications, and honors and awards. The Office of Public Affairs is available to assist with updating content, including individual photos. There is a guide to updating your faculty profile page on the Faculty and Staff Resources page, in the right column under Resources.
  • BMCC Blogs
    Throughout the BMCC website, academic and student support services departments present blogs that offer announcements and information. The Office of Public Affairs does not generate blog content, but can advise departments as they create and maintain their blogs.

Social media

The Office of Public Affairs supports healthy social media participation and provides Social Media Guidelines and Best Practices on the BMCC website. Departments wishing to develop a social media presence must contact the Office of Public Affairs before creating any pages or accounts.

Print and Online Publications

The BMCC Commons

This print publication, published twice a year, includes stories about the impact that students, faculty and staff have made at the College. In addition, stories and photos highlight fundraising initiatives, alumni relations and grant-funded research. Please send your story ideas to


This e-newsletter, produced by the Office of Public Affairs, is released every Thursday during the fall and spring semesters. @BMCC serves as a resource for members of the BMCC community. It features college-wide news and announcements, upcoming events, alumni relations, athletics and more. To submit content for @BMCC, contact

Academic Programs Brochure

This publication lists all of BMCC’s academic majors, program requirements and course descriptions, to help current and prospective students find the right fit for their learning experience. It also serves as a tool for parents, guidance counselors and the general BMCC community as they consider the array of academic programs offered at the College.

Support Programs Brochure

This publication, which serves as a vital reference, features many key services and programs including: Financial Aid, College Discovery,  the Advocacy and Resource Center, Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP); E-Learning and more. This publication is created in collaboration with the Office of Student Affairs, Enrollment Management and the Office of Academic Affairs.

BMCC Foundation Board Annual Report

This annual print publication, created in collaboration with the BMCC Foundation and the Office of Institutional Advancement, provides an overview of important initiatives of the College. It also serves as an archive of BMCC’s traditional events, and provides financial summaries of the BMCC Foundation Board. The Annual Report is distributed to prospective and current supporters, alumni and members of the community.

BMCC Student Handbook

The Office of Public Affairs works with the Office of Student Affairs to produce the annual BMCC Student Handbook, which provides students with important guidelines and policies, student support services information and a comprehensive academic calendar.

Advertising and Multimedia


To promote BMCC and enhance the College’s recruitment efforts, the Office of Public Affairs works with the Office of the President and other key departments to create advertising campaigns and purchase advertising space in local media. Display ads, classified ads and advertorials heighten BMCC’s image, promote new academic programs, spread the news of student and faculty successes, and strategically position BMCC in the larger higher education arena.

Press Releases

Multimedia press releases are created by the Office of Public Affairs to raise local and national awareness of BMCC student achievement, faculty research, College initiatives and events. Press releases are distributed to major newspapers, broadcast media, trade publications, websites, search engines and databases on a national and regional basis. Content for press releases can be sent to

TV Monitors

The Office of Public Affairs manages the content and broadcast of digital banners that are displayed on the television monitors located in all BMCC buildings. Public Affairs also manages content displayed on the LED screen positioned on an outside wall at the entrance to 199 Chambers Street. All monitor and LED content displays must be created in consultation with the Office of Public Affairs. Requests can be submitted at


The Office of Public Affairs provides assistance with photography for key campus events, official BMCC faculty and staff headshots, and other BMCC-related activities. The Office of Public Affairs reserves the right to use photos taken by the Public Affairs photographer for promotional efforts that include publications, the BMCC website and campus marketing materials. Submit photography requests to


In addition to producing videos that accompany feature stories posted on the BMCC website, the Office of Public Affairs assists in the production of videos promoting departments and initiatives at the College. Video production requires planning meetings to discuss content, messaging and promotion. The Office of Public Affairs reserves the right to use videos taken by the Public Affairs videographer for promotional efforts that include the BMCC website and other College digital marketing materials. To discuss video ideas, contact

Office of Public Affairs

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