Every individual in the CUNY community has the right to report an incident of policy violation. BMCC offers guidelines for several options to report on different circumstances and situations.

Guidelines for Reporting

  • Issues of Safety and Security where there is a threat of harm to anyone in the community, self or others, should be reported to the Office of Public Safety.
  • Issues of a sexual nature such as sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking should make a report to the Office of Compliance and Diversity.
  • Incidents of in class student behavioral issues should be reported by faculty through the BART reporting system.
  • All incidents of academic integrity should be reported by faculty to the Office of Student Affairs using the Academic Integrity form. All forms should be accompanied with supporting documents and evidence of the infraction.
  • Students who wish to speak with a free, confidential counselor should set up an appointment online.
  • Faculty can refer a student to counseling services through the Counseling Center.
  • Members of the BMCC community who need to report an injury or health-related issue can contact the Office of Health Services.