Behavioral Assessment Response Team (BART)

As members of the BMCC community, it is the responsibility of all to uphold the values of respect, dignity and concern for self and others. All members of the BMCC community play a vital role in ensuring the safety of our campus. The BMCC Behavioral Assessment and Response Team (BART) is designed to support and assist in upholding this responsibility.

The goal of BART is to minimize the likelihood of personal and community crisis situations. The BART is designed to support and empower members of the BMCC community to identify and report student behavior that is contrary to our educational environment. Please know the success of this process relies on community commitment to reporting concerns.

The BMCC BART serves as a centralized, coordinated group for discussion, assessment, and action regarding students of concern who are exhibiting or expressing suicidal, self-injurious, disruptive and other behaviors which might pose a threat to themselves and/or others in the College community.

The BART will formalize a process of communication, coordination and intervention. Each case will be reviewed separately to implement the appropriate services, support and resources while ensuring the needs and rights of the individual and community are protected.

Expectations of the BART

  • BART will coordinate offices working together to share necessary information to best address the concerns brought forward.
  • BART will also work with various department on campus to educate the community on policies and procedures through workshops, manuals, etc.
  • Identify heightened times of year for stressful behavior (registration, paying bills, etc.).