Student Conduct

BMCC is committed to cultivating a respectful, safe, educational environment and workplace. The Office of Student Conduct is responsible for acting on behalf of BMCC in matters of student discipline. Once an incident has been reported, it is the responsibility of the Student Conduct Officer to investigate, mediate or refer reported incidents to the Faculty Student Disciplinary Committee. Our goal is to educate students regarding their individual responsibility and accountability, while promoting concepts of fairness and due process. Our hope is that through this process students will come to recognize mistakes and learn from them.

Student Rights

It is important that students understand their rights to due process. These rights are consistent at all City University of New York Colleges. These rights are housed in a document titled Article XV. This article is pursuant to the bylaws set forth by CUNY.

Student Responsibilities

Every enrolled student and guest of the City University of New York community is responsible for maintaining appropriate, professional, behavior. Every student must follow all State, Federal and Local laws at all times during their enrollment. Additionally, all CUNY students must follow the Henderson Rules which are the outlined policies of the institution. They are consistent at all CUNY Colleges. The Henderson Rules also outline potential sanctions for violating the policies outlined.

In addition, there are some policies that are specific to BMCC that are in addition to the Henderson Rules. One such rule is the BMCC Policy on Acceptable Use of Computer. This policy speaks to the appropriate use of technology and systems at the College.