Public Safety

For Emergencies

To report a crime or emergency, call Public Safety at (212) 220-8080. If on campus call 911 or use one of the blue call boxes located throughout the campus. Click here for emergency call box locations

Lost and Found

If you find anything, please report it to any Security Officer. If you lost anything, check the security office located at S-211 or contact Public Safety at (212) 220-8136

Mission Statement

The BMCC Public Safety Department is here to foster the mission of the college by providing a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. All members of the BMCC/Public Safety Service are expected to respect each individual, and treat each individual with professionalism and civility while maintaining the rules and guidelines that will ensure the safety and security of all persons at the college.

Public Safety provides free training to the faculty, staff and students in C.P.R./A.E.D./First Aid, and Campus-Community Emergency Response Training. Staff are also offered training as Fire Wardens for the various campus locations.

Please contact the Public Safety office for more information. Learn more about public safety at BMCC.