Emergency Call Boxes at 199 Chambers Street

7th Floor

7 North: By Escalator
7 North: By N741
7 South: By Escalator
7 South: By S765

6th Floor

6 North: By Escalator
6 North: By N645
6 South: By Escalator
6 South: By Elevator

5th Floor

5 North: By Escalator
5 North: By S511A
5 South: By Escalator
5 South: By N519

4th Floor

4 North: By Escalator
4 North: By Staircase 1
4 South: By Escalator
4 South: by Elevator

3rd Floor

3 North: By Escalator
3 North: By Staircase 1
3 South: By Escalator
3 South: By S343

2nd Floor

2 South: By Escalator
2 North: By Escalator
2 North: By Gym

1st Floor

1 South: By 77 Harrison Street Exit
1 South: By S115
1 South: By Staircase 4

Emergency Call Boxes at 70 Murray Street

2nd Floor

By M205
By Elevator
By hallway going towards the elevator on the 2nd floor

10th Floor

By Elevator
By M1008
BY M1007
By M1011
By M1019

11th Floor

By Elevator
By M1107
By M1108
By M1117
By M1118

12th Floor

By Elevator
By M1208
By M1207
By M1211
By M1219

14th Floor

By Elevator
By M1412
By M1409
By M1408
By M1404

Emergency Call Boxes at 25 Broadway

There are seven (7) Emergency Call Boxes on-site at 25 Broadway.

Call box locations are listed below:

Corridor just left of ADA Rest-rooms.
B8125 – Administrative Office Suite, right inside door.
B8116 – Testing Office Suite, Corridor to the Rear of Proctor Desk
B8142 – On corridor
B8169 – Staff Lounge, on corridor.
B8165 – Literacy Office Suite, on corridor.
B8100 – Opposite ACE Reception Desk, on corridor


BMCC Public Safety

199 Chambers St, Lobby
New York, NY 10007
Phone: 212 220-8000 Ext. 7080
Email: safety@bmcc.cuny.edu

For all emergencies call Ext. 8080