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Respite rooms and CUNY lactation policy

  • Employees and students who are nursing may access BMCC’s respite rooms to express breastmilk on campus. Respite rooms are available at Chambers Street, Murray Street and Fiterman Hall.
    • Students: please contact the Women’s Resource Center at (212) 220-8165 for information about the respite room locations.
    • Employees: please contact your supervisor or the Office of Compliance and Diversity at (212) 220-1236 for further information.
  • The CUNY Lactation Policy can be found on the BMCC website.  CUNY Lactation Policy

Requesting an accommodation

Students: Office of Accessibility
199 Chambers Street, room N-360
(212) 220-8180
Employees: Human Resources
199 Chambers Street, room S-717
(212) 220-8300

  • BMCC is committed to providing reasonable accommodations and academic adjustments in connection with disability, pregnancy/childbirth, religious practice, and status as a victim of domestic violence, sex offense or stalking.
  • Please contact the appropriate office above to formally request an accommodation.
  • Informal accommodation requests can also be made with an instructor/professor or supervisor.
  • If any questions arise, please contact the Office of Compliance and Diversity at (212) 220-1236

See CUNY’s policy on Reasonable Accommodations and Academic Adjustments

Download the Office of Compliance and Diversity Packet

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Office of Compliance and Diversity

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Phone: (212) 220-1236

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