Preferred Name/Gender Identity

Do you have a preferred name and/or preferred gender identity?

  • Employees and students can select their preferred name (first and/or middle) as well as preferred gender identity.
  • A preferred name is not a legal name, but it is how the individual requests to be addressed.
  • No documentation is needed to update a preferred name or preferred gender identity.
  • You can also request a new BMCC ID card and/or email address reflecting the updated information.
  • See detailed instructions for students and faculty and staff.

Restrooms and locker rooms

  •  In compliance with the law and CUNY policy, discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression is prohibited.
  • Individuals have the right to use the bathroom or locker room consistent with their gender identity. Gender identity is fluid and is defined by the individual.
  • Single occupancy/gender-neutral bathroom facilities are also available on 3 South, 4 North, and the lower level of Theater 1 in the Chambers Street building, and on the 3rd floor of the Murray Street building.
  • Everyone is welcome to use these facilities.

Office of Compliance and Diversity

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Office Hours:
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