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Children and Youth Studies

Offered by the Department of English, the Associate in Arts degree in Children and Youth Studies offers a holistic and comprehensive perspective on children and young people. The program also provides a diversity of career opportunities that are available for working with or for children. This program provides students with the education and background to pursue further graduate and professional training and careers related to children and young people. Examples of some of the many career paths that students can take with a degree in Children and Youth Studies include child life specialist, children publishing industries, education, juvenile justice, etc. Students completing this program can transfer seamlessly into the B.A. degree in Children and Youth Studies at Brooklyn College/CUNY without the loss of credits.

Common Core

Required Common Core

English Composition 6
Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning 3
Life and Physical Sciences 3
Total Required Common Core 12


Flexible Core

World Culture & Global Issues1 3
U.S. Experience in its Diversity 3
Creative Expression 6
Individual and Society2 3
Scientific World3 3
Total Flexible Core 18
Total Common Core 30


Program Requirements

ENG 334 Children's Literature 3
HUM 213 Child Welfare 3
PSY 250 Child Psychology 3
SOC 250 The Family 3
XXX xxx Modern Language Course4 3-6

Program Electives

Choose 6 credits from the following:  
ECE 110 Psychological Foundations of Early Development and Education  
ECE 210 Social Foundations of Early Care and Education  
EDB 202 Schools in a Linguistically Diverse American Society  
EDU 201 Observing Children and their Development  
EDU 202 Urban Schools in a Diverse American Society  
EDU 203 Art in Education  
EDU 204/
MUS 116
Music and Movement in Learning  
EDS 201 Adolescent Learning and Development  
EDS 202 Special Topics in Secondary Education  
HED 202 Drug Use in American Society  
HED 220 Human Sexuality  
HUM 411 Social Welfare Programs and Policies  

Social Sciences

Choose 1 course from the following:  
AFL 161/
SOC 161
Health Problems in Urban Communities  
AFN 256/
SOC 256
The Contemporary Black Family  
ANT 115/
LIN 100
Language and Culture  
LAT 234/
SOC 234
The Puerto Rican Family  
PSY 230 Psychology of Personality  
PSY 240 Developmental Psychology  
SOC 240 Urban Sociology  
General Elective 5 3-6
Total Curriculum Credits 30
Total Program Credits 60

1 Students are strongly advised to take a Modern Language course.
2 Students are strongly encouraged to take SOC 100.
3 Students are strongly encouraged to take PSY 100.
4 Students are required to take two semesters of the same modern language. One semester of the language can be taken in the World Cultures and Global Issues area in the Common Core.
5 These credits can be satisfied by taking STEM variants in the Common Core.

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