Writers’ Guild


The Writers’ Guild is an opportunity for BMCC students to explore their interest in writing — whether or not they have written before. All BMCC students are welcome–you don’t have to be an English major.

The Writers’ Guild is a haven for budding and aspiring writers to gather, exchange ideas, and develop their craft. It consists of students, faculty, alumni and community members who come together to produce writing in all its forms: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, screenplays, plays and more. Through workshops and events such as open mic nights and creative writing competitions, the Guild creates an atmosphere that encourages exploration into new literary frontiers. Along with forming lasting friendships among fellow wordsmiths, members of the Guild gain valuable insight into the world of professional writing by networking with established authors and publishers.

The BMCC Writers’ Guild provides an opportunity to hone one’s craft while being part of a vibrant community of literature enthusiasts.

For more information about the Writers’ Guild, contact Professor Domenick Acocella at dacocella@bmcc.cuny.edu.

For information about the student literary magazine–The Guild, contact Professor Racquel Goodison at rgoodison@bmcc.cuny.edu or (212) 220-8267.

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