Children and Youth Studies (A.A.)

The Associate in Arts degree in Children and Youth Studies offers a holistic and comprehensive perspective on children and young people. The program also provides a diversity of career opportunities that are available for working with or for children.


This program provides you with the education and background to pursue further graduate and professional training and careers related to children and young people. Examples of some of the many career paths that students can take with a degree in Children and Youth Studies include child life specialist, children’s publishing industries, education, and juvenile justice.

Transfer Options

BMCC has an articulation agreement so that students completing this program can transfer seamlessly into the B.A. degree in Children and Youth Studies at Brooklyn College/CUNY without the loss of credits.

Academic Program Maps

Required Common Core

Flexible Core

Children and Youth Studies Curriculum

The Family

American Sign Language


Elementary Arabic I
Elementary Arabic II
Arabic III


Chinese I
Chinese II
Introductory Chinese I
Introductory Chinese II
Chinese III
Chinese IV


French I
French II
Introductory French I
Introductory French II
French III
French IV


German I
German II


Italian I
Italian II
Introductory Italian I
Introductory Italian II
Italian III
Italian IV


Spanish I
Spanish II
Introductory Spanish I
Introductory Spanish II
Spanish III
Spanish IV
Art in Education
Total Curriculum Requirements
Total Program Requirements

1 Students are strongly advised to take a Modern Language course.
2 Students are strongly encouraged to take SOC 100.
3 Students are strongly encouraged to take PSY 100.
4 Students are required to take two semesters of the same modern language. One semester of the language can be taken in the World Cultures and Global Issues area in the Common Core.
5 These credits can be satisfied by taking STEM variants in the Common Core.

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