Videos and Presentations

Types of Federal Student Aid Discusses the various federal grants, loans and work-study available to help pay for college
Determine your Dependency Status Learn if you need to use your parents’ income on your FAFSA
How to Create an FSA ID Shows how to create your FSA ID and use it to sign your FAFSA
FAFSA Tips for Parents Tells parents what they need to know in order to file a FAFSA
What Happens After Filing a FAFSA Learn what to expect after your FAFSA has been processed
American Opportunity Tax Credit Learn how to claim a tax credit for your school expenses
Responsible Loan Borrowing Important considerations when thinking about a student loan

Use these videos but remember to take the time to explore the print areas of our website. We recommend you focus on Financial Aid 101 to deepen your awareness of the entire financial process. The written word is still the surest way for you, as a student, to get all the information you need.