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Financial Management

The Department of Business Management offers the Associate of Science (A.S.) in Financial Management that provides students with a solid foundation to pursue bachelor degrees in finance, business or financial economics. The curriculum addresses all areas that BMCC identifies as needed to obtain an integral general education via the development of critical thinking, effective communication, and problem solving skills. Students completing the A.S. degree in Financial Management can transfer seamlessly into the B.A. degree in Economics (Financial Economics Concentration) at City College of New York/CUNY without the loss of credits.

Financial Management Program 2 Year Plan (2018-2019)

Financial Management Program 3 Year Plan (2018-2019)

Required Common Core

English Composition 6
Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning 3
Life and Physical Sciences 3
Total Required Common Core 12


Flexible Core

Creative Expression 6
Individual and Society 3
Scientific World 3
U.S. Experience in its Diversity 3
World Culture & Global Issues 3
Total Flexible Core 18
Total Common Core 30


Curriculum Requirements

ACC 122 Accounting Principles I 3
BUS 104 Introduction to Business 3
BUS 110 Business Law 3
FNB 100 Principles of Finance 3
Program Electives 12
Select 12 credits from the following:  
FNB 230 Financial Management  
FNB 250 Money & Banking (Same as ECO 250)  
ECO 250 Money & Banking (Same as FNB 250)  
FNB 300 Investments  
MAT 209 Statistics  
MAT 301 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I  
ECO 202 Microeconomics  
ACC 222 Accounting Principles II  
XXX xxx General Electives 1 6
Total Curriculum Credits 30
Total Program Credits 60

1Some of these credits may be satisfied by STEM variants.

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