CD Special Programs

Every year the College Discovery (CD) program has organized activities and events to help students be more successful and to provide an orientation to new and existing programs. The following is a partial listing of some of our specialized events and/or programs:

CD Convocation

The CD convocation is an annual program organized every fall semester for new and continuing students. All CD students must attend the convocation arranged during club hours (Wednesday, between 2-4:00 PM) in the theatre. The program is intended to be inspirational. Special guest speakers are invited for a program that includes student/artistic performances (dance, song, instrumentals, poetry), and academic recognition. Note: If you have a discovered or undiscovered talent, and would like to be considered for a performance on a professional stage contact Mr. Solomon or Dr. Perez in the CD office.

Personal Enrichment Program (PEP)

PEP is a series of specialized workshops designed to help students on academic notice and special notice. Every semester students in these classifications and students at risk are invited to attend the carefully designed workshops that provide the tools to help increase their overall academic performance. All CD students on academic notice or special notice are required to attend the PEP series.

College Student Inventory (CSI)

Students in College Discovery are eligible to take the College Student Inventory (CSI). This is a personality inventory that designed to help students identify thought and mood indicators. CSI can be helpful in linking students with support services in the area of careers, academic skill building, student activities and personal counseling. This inventory is available to CD students free!

Transfer Opportunities

As students begin to get closer to completing their associate degree they are strongly encouraged to think about transferring to four year colleges. CD plans workshops help students learn about different colleges and related opportunities. CD Students who graduate BMCC and wish to transfer to other CUNY colleges are automatically eligible for the SEEK program. Students who apply for private colleges or those within the SUNY system are eligible for EOP or HEOP. Be on the alert for flyers or mailings with specific dates for available transfer opportunities.

CD Graduation & Awards Program

The CD program takes special pride in considering itself a family. Each year we plan a special evening dinner program where we recognize the outstanding achievements of our students. Students who are graduating, and those who have met certain criteria are presented special acknowledgements. Family and friends of our students are especially welcome during this event to help celebrate such their accomplishments.


All entering CD students are eligible to participate in the summer immersion program to complete basic skills content areas in English, reading and math. The program is held for 6 weeks beginning late June and ending early August. Additionally, a short 3-week immersion program is held during January. Students who are eligible to participate in these programs will receive a letter with specific details on orientation and registration.

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