Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most popular questions students ask of the Registrar’s Office.

Where is the Registrar’s Office?
The office is in Room S-315, above the Main Lobby in 199 Chambers St.

What hours is the Registrar’s Office open?

  • Fall and Spring semesters hours:
    Monday – Fridays from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • The office of the Registrar is currently operating remotely. Email the office at or contact Registrar’s Office staff for help signing up for classes.

What is the Registrar’s Office phone number?
(212) 220-1290.

When is registration?
Registration is as follows:

Fall Winter Spring Summer
Early Registration Mid March Early October Early October Mid March
Regular Registration August November Early January Week before first day of classes
Late Registration* First week of classes First day of classes First week of classes First day of classes

*Subject to change based upon enrollment. Please check our Registration Date and Times for the most up to date information.

When can I get the Schedule of Classes?
The schedule of classes is available on the web prior to early registration.

What is advisement? Do I have to be advised?
During the advisement period, you will meet with a faculty or academic advisor to plan your academic program. You must be advised in order to register.
For more about the advisement process, see Advisement Directions.

How do I know when I can register?
The Registrar’s Office sends emails informing you of early advisement and registration dates. In addition, there will be notices in the Main Lobby and on the college’s web site.

Do I have to register in person?
No. In fact, we encourage you to register yourself online via CUNYfirst (CF). Learn more about CUNYfirst (CF).

I can’t register at my scheduled time. Can I register earlier?
No. You can register at your scheduled time or at any registration period after that.

Why do some students get to register earlier than others?
Please refer to our Registration Dates and Times for further information.

How much time should I allow to travel from one location to another?   
When planning your academic schedule, please allow the following travel time between classes to/from the Main Building (Chambers Street) to the following locations:

  • Murray Street – 21 minutes
  • Fiterman Hall – 21 minutes
  • Inwood Campus – 61 minutes
  • John Jay College – 61 minutes
  • Brooklyn College – 61 minutes
  • Lehman College – 91 minutes

What if I haven’t been immunized?
You will not be permitted to register if you have not been immunized. Contact Health Services in Room N-380.

Are grades mailed to me each semester?
No. Grades are no longer sent to students by email or regular mail. Students can also access their grades online by logging on to CUNYfirst through the following navigation: HR/Campus Solutions →Self Service → Student Center → In Academics sections, Go to other academic drop down →Select Grades → Click the Go Icon next to it.

What do I do once I have registered for my courses?
After you have completed registration, please verify that it is accurate. Your tuition bill is generated automatically. It may be paid at any time on or before the due date. Student can view their bill in Campus Finances of their Self-Service.

What must I do if I no longer want to take a class for which I am registered?
You can drop a course without penalty any time prior to the first day of classes. Once classes begin, you must officially drop or withdraw from a course that you no longer want to attend before the deadlines (check the Academic Calendar for specific dates). Please Note: If you do not take action on the course, you will receive a grade of “WU or WN” (based on attendance/participation). If you receive a WN (which means you never participated/attended the class), you are still 100% liable for the tuition. However, with “WU” you are still 50% liable for the tuition (Prior to Fall 2021, WU was a punitive grade (0.00 points-same as “F” grade)).

When I drop a course, how do I get my refund and when?
If you drop a course during the refund period, your refund will be mailed to you or credited back to your credit card depending on method of payment. Please allow 6 weeks for payment by check after the drop has been processed.

Can I take a class at another CUNY college. What are the steps?
BMCC students who wish to take courses at another CUNY College while attending BMCC must follow the procedures below to obtain a CUNY e-Permit. Please refer to our webpage on e-Permits.

Can I take a class at a non-CUNY college?
Yes, but you must complete a non-CUNY Permit Application. You can download it from our website here: Download a non-CUNY permit application (pdf).

I need to take time off from Borough of Manhattan Community College. What should I do when I want to return to the College?
If you need to take time off, you must drop your classes online through CUNYfirst. Please check our Academic Calendar for liability/refund periods. When you are ready to resume your studies, complete an Application for readmission if you missed an entire semester otherwise there is no need to file an application for readmission if you return the following semester. Click here for more information on withdrawing from the college.

How do I change my major?
Sign into BMCC Portal ( ) with your BMCC User ID and Password, then click on  the “Change of Major” icon.
You may pick up a change of major form from the Panther Station, Academic Advisement-Transfer Center, or download it from our web site. The form requires an Advisor/Counselor or a chairperson’s signature, therefore you must come to BMCC to complete the process. Download a Change of Major form.

What is an “INC” grade?
Term’s work incomplete. Instructor has reasonable expectation that the student can receive a passing grade after completing the missing assignment(s) and agrees to work with the student to make up the missing work. Student must also agree with the faculty to make the missing work before the INC deadline which is published on BMCC Academic Calendar.
The “INC” grade reverts to an “FIN” if a change is not made by deadline.

What is a “FIN” grade?
An “FIN” grade is equivalent to a failing grade. The Registrar’s Office changes the temporary grade of “INC” to a failure on the deadline date, unless the instructor has submitted a change of grade form with the earned grade. If you receive an “INC”, be sure to follow up with your instructor to ensure that your new final grade is submitted to the Registrar’s Office. See the academic calendar for deadlines.

I failed a course last semester, can the “F” grade be taken off my record?
An “F” grade is an earned grade that remains on your record. However, if you repeat the course, the “F” grade will not be computed in your grade point average and the higher grade will. This can be done for a maximum of 16 credits.
Find out more about BMCC’s Grading/Forgiveness Policy.

Can I get Financial Aid to pay for my tuition?
You may be eligible for financial aid to pay for your tuition. Contact the Financial Aid Office, located in Room N-365.
See Financial Aid for more information about applying.

If I have a loan, how is my bank notified that I am enrolled?
Borough of Manhattan Community College participates in sharing student data with the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC), which processes most requests for enrollment. We supply NSC with our student enrollment throughout the semester. Banks and other lending agencies obtain the enrollment information directly from them. The data requester is carefully screened and information is carefully given out, in accordance with all Federal and State rules regarding privacy issues.

I have completed military duty, am I eligible for any educational benefits?
If you have completed active military duty within the last ten years, or if you qualify for a reserve educational contract, you may be eligible for a monthly stipend from the Veteran’s Administration. Visit the Veteran’s Resource Center in Room S-115C for more information.

What is an official transcript?
An official transcript is a record of your grades, which bears the official seal of the College and the Registrar’s signature. Click here to learn more about transcripts

What is a student (unofficial) copy transcript?
A student copy transcript is a record of your grades. It does not bear the official seal of the College or the Registrar’s signature. Keep in mind that current students can access CUNYfirst to view/print their unofficial transcript free of charge.

If I make a pick-up request, how long will the school hold my transcript?
For Pick-up requests, transcript will be held only for four weeks.

What is a hold?
An hold is a restriction that is placed on your record for failure to fulfill financial or other obligations to the College. All holds must be cleared before you register, or before records are released.

How long does it take for a change of grade to be processed?
Normally, change of grades submitted to the Registrar’s Office are processed within 5 business days of receipt of the change.

Can I receive a grade change after graduation?
No. Once a student has been granted a degree, grade changes for courses taken in semesters prior to receiving the degree are not permitted. If any student expects to receive a grade change, please notify the Graduation Team in the Office of the Registrar immediately at

Are my records kept at the college indefinitely?
Yes, your academic record is retained for the life of the College.

Can I block the release of information about my student record to those who are outside of BMCC?
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”) guarantees students certain rights with respect to their “Education Records,” and your affirmative written consent is generally required to disclose personally identifiable information (“PII”) contained in your Education Records to someone outside of BMCC.  However, not all student records are “Education Records” covered and protected by FERPA, and there are many exceptions to the affirmative consent requirement.  One of the exceptions is that “Directory Information,” which is specific limited information contained in Education Records may be disclosed to third parties with a legitimate interest in the information – unless you affirmatively request that this information not be shared.  This is because disclosure of this information is not generally considered harmful or an invasion of privacy under FERPA, and it permits the college to include this information in school publications and recognition lists.   You can request in writing that access to your Directory Information be denied to any outside parties unless another FERPA exception applies. More information can be obtained by visiting our FERPA  and Student Records Policy page.