About Us


The Office of the Registrar, as a division of Enrollment Management, protects and maintains the accuracy, integrity, and security of student records; supports the college’s overall mission of access and excellence by providing a service-centered environment to students, faculty, administrators and staff through effective communication, collaboration and use of technology.


  • Maintain compliance by upholding all rules, regulations, policies and procedures of BMCC, CUNY, State and Federal as they relate to Student Records.
  • Improve efficiency of office processes and procedures by leveraging technology.
  • Provide excellent customer service for students, faculty, administrators and staff by fostering an environment for office staff which supports continuous learning.

Staff Directory

Mohammad K. Alam, Senior Registrar

Tanoai Y. Williams, Registrar | Appeals

  • Allison McDowell, CUNY Office Assistant
  • Jean Freundlich-Quinones, CUNY Office Assistant

Deborah Conway, Assistant Registrar | ePermit, Graduation, Study Abroad

  • Wendy Moy, CUNY Office Assistant
  • Sandy M. Soto, College Assistant

William Simpson, Assistant Registrar | Veteran’s Certification, Transcripts

  • Rimi Miah, College Assistant
  • Marcos Medina, CUNY Office Assistant

Damaris Sanchez, Assistant Registrar | Change of Grades, Duplicate Accounts, Records recreation

  • Cheryl L Banks, CUNY Office Assistant
  • Fabian Enrique Padilla Calderon, College Assistant

Evelyn Humphreys, Assistant Registrar | Room Reservations and Scheduling

Irina Gordin, Assistant Registrar | Room Reservations and Scheduling

  • Kin Yin Kong, CUNY Office Assistant
  • Stephanie A. Chambers, CUNY Office Assistant

Meghan Cook, Registrar

Brian H. Henley, Assistant Registrar | Attendance, Grading, Personal Information Changes and Residency

  • Jose Acevedo, College Assistant

Zakaria Rhfiri, Assistant Registrar | Attendance, Grading and Change of Major

  • Maung Imone, College Assistant

For all other matters, contact registrar@bmcc.cuny.edu. Please ensure to provide your full name and CUNYfirst ID# in all of your email correspondence.