You must be advised before you can register for classes. Contact your department or an advisor from the Academic Advisement and Transfer Center with any questions concerning the advisement process,

Advisement is done through Degree Works. Once you log in, go to the Planner Tab to see the course offerings your advisor has planned for the upcoming session/term.

Depending on on your academic plan (major) and the number of credits you have earned, where and when you receive advisement will vary. See the Early Advisement and Registration Dates.

Are you:

  • A College Discovery Student?
    If you are a College Discovery (CD) student enrolled in a career major such as BAN or CIS, go to the career department listed under Non-Liberal Arts for advisement. If you are a LIB major, go to your assigned CD counselor for advisement. However, all students must meet with their College Discovery counselor before registering. If you have any questions, go to the College Discovery Office (Room S-335, (212) 220-8152). Students registered with the Office of Accessibility should report to Room N-360 for assistance after they have been advised.
  • Taking Developmental Course(s)?
    If you are currently taking ESL 49, 54, or 62, please contact the Academic Literacy and Linguistics department in Room N-499 or (212) 220-1396.
  • Liberal Arts Student?
    If you are enrolled in a special program (College Discovery, ASAP, BMCC Learning Academy, etc.), you must seek advisement from your program department. All other Liberal Arts students should check their email for their assigned department. If you are unsure of your assigned department or if you wish to switch, please contact the Academic Advisement & Transfer Center by email at
  • A Non-Liberal Arts Student?