Steps for Consideration of a Proposal

Step One: Submit a Letter of Intent

Applicants can submit their funding proposal to only one of the three focus areas (see below) and submit their online Letter of Intent by the close of business (5 p.m.) on Monday, April 19. Letters of Intent are invited from students, staff and faculty, individually or in groups, keeping in mind that individuals will not be eligible for funding for more than one project in any given funding cycle.

Focus Areas

Applicants can apply to only one of the focus areas listed below:

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to submit proposals for the development of instructional practices aimed at advancing transformational learning, encouraging innovation and improving retention. The program supports the creation of new teaching and learning materials and strategies, professional development, implementation of educational innovations, and pedagogical research. Proposals which link credit with adult education courses and utilize evidence-based practices are especially welcomed.  For the current funding cycle an estimated $300,000 has been set aside with average award expected to be $50,000.

The program’s goal is to unlock creative and imaginative ideas that address significant problems that impact or challenge BMCC students, both inside and outside the classroom. The fund will support innovative projects, initiatives, and programming that are aligned with the BMCC Strategic Plan and promote co-curricular experience, including leadership, undergraduate research, community-engaged learning, study abroad, internships, and entrepreneurship. For the current funding cycle an estimated $300,000 has been set aside with average award expected to be $60,000.

Innovative Programs is a seed-grant program designed to further BMCC’s Strategic Planning initiatives and to promote creative and innovative support and programming. Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to propose ideas that support the College’s mission, vision, and values. Projects that include strategies to sustain, replicate, and scale these innovations across disciplines and throughout the college are especially welcome. Applicants are encouraged to think “boldly” in formulating activities designed to increase student access and success.  A maximum of $125,000 will be made for each award during the 21-22 Academic Year.

Guiding Principles

In preparing your Letter of Intent, we ask that you adhere to the following guiding principles of the President’s Fund for Excellence and Innovation (the “Fund”):

  • Projects should address one or more of the thematic areas of need identified in the guidelines.
  • Projects should demonstrate innovative approaches in addressing these thematic needs.
  • Projects that take a team approach and engage students, staff, and faculty in a collaborative effort are particularly encouraged. Students should consult with a faculty member or staff member before submitting a Letter of Intent and, ideally, this person will serve as a partner for the grant.
  • Projects should focus on ideas that can be replicated on a larger scale.
  • Projects that are currently being funded from other external funding sources will not be considered.
  • Projects selected for funding must be completed within two-years of the award.
  • Projects that are eligible for funding from other college sources will not be considered.
  • Projects that are selected for funding will need to submit periodic reports to the college describing progress towards achievement of goals and objectives.
  • Project activities must be measurable, only proposals that have a direct impact on student retention and success will be considered for funding.

Step Two: Submit a Proposal

Applications determined to be the best match given the stated criteria will be invited to submit a formal grant application to the appropriate review committee for further consideration. An invitation to submit a grant proposal will be extended by Thursday, May 6, 2021. The proposal must be submitted by the close of business (5 p.m.) on Monday, June 14, 2021. A proposal writing workshop will be sponsored for those applicants in need of technical support during the week of May 10, 2021.

Review Process

Letters of Intent and formal grant proposals will be reviewed by one of the three committees designated for the focus areas identified above. These Review Committees will be comprised of seven members (faculty and Staff), and be chaired by a member of the President’s cabinet. Applications will be evaluated by the Steering Committee chaired by the President on the basis of the criteria described in this process, including creativity, feasibility (of implementation), and potential impact on student retention and success. Consistent with the basis for establishment of the Fund and the Fund’s purpose, the final decision with respect to priorities and projects to be funded, is the President’s. Formal notification of a grant award will be made by Wednesday, June 30 with all projects being fully funded by July 5, 2021.