Designing for Success Strategic Goals

With an understanding that BMCC seeks to improve student learning and educational outcomes not incrementally, but dramatically, four goals were developed to drive the Designing for Success Strategic Planning process. As a result of the comprehensive two-year process, these goals were transitioned into overarching strategic priorities for the 2020-2025 strategic plan. A fifth priority was added both in recognition of the increasingly important role of the community college in leading societal change and as a result of the COVID 19 health crisis, corresponding economic downturn, and justice protests across the city, state, country, and world. The resulting strategic priorities for Designing for Success are:

  • Improve retention to double degree completion rates, and increase successful transfer and baccalaureate attainment;
  • Improve learning through culturally responsive and sustaining pedagogy and support;
  • Expand career development leading to meaningful work with family-sustaining wages;
  • Achieve equity in student outcomes in a college community in which all members can thrive; and
  • Strengthen BMCC’s role in creating an equitably thriving NYC.

President’s Message

Dear BMCC Community,

Borough of Manhattan Community College continues to prove itself as a leader in offering effective programs that advance our students’ educational and life success, in cultivating the innovation of faculty research, and in creating a culture of care that embraces equity, inclusion and diversity.

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Strategic Planning 2015-2020 Process and Outcomes

BMCC, in addition to conducting an environmental scan and reviewing institutional data, engaged more than 300 faculty, staff, and students in a series of facilitated conversations for 18 months to develop the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan Reaching Greater Levels.

To assist with the operationalization of the plan, each of the strategic objectives was linked with a series of actions identified as key performance indicators (KPIs).

Finally, the plan included a set of strategic outcomes which represented the overall results that the plan was designed to achieve.

Strategic Plan 2015–2020
Phase 2 Planning

Designing for Success: BMCC’s Two-Year Strategic Planning Process

In fall 2018, BMCC initiated a two-year intentional redesign process entitled Designing for Success, supported by the College’s participation in the America Association of Community Colleges’ (AACC) Pathways 2.0 project. The purpose of this process was to engage the entire college in a thorough examination and redesign of policies, processes, and practices, as necessary, to enhance student learning and educational outcomes.

2020-2025 Strategic Priorities, Goals, Actions, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The priorities, goals, actions, and KPIs here reflect the work conducted during both phases of the Designing for Success process. This final version was also guided by six principles included in the charge to the strategic planning subcommittees.

While the process was guided by design thinking and intentional redesign, leadership ensured that the process was organic with substantial opportunities for involvement. This resulted in a final strategic planning framework that would communicate institutional priorities, actions designed to take what works to scale, and a set of metrics and targets that the College is accountable to.

BMCC Values Graphic

Strategic planning framework (click for larger)


Moving from Strategic to Operational Planning

The BMCC 2020-2025 Strategic Plan has been intentionally designed to improve student learning and success and to advance equity by taking what works to scale. While student learning and educational outcomes are the driving institutional indicator of effectiveness, the plan was also created to ensure that BMCC continues to enhance its culture of care and ensure a community in which all members can thrive—students, faculty, and staff. And while the plan offers a roadmap through the presentation of priorities, goals, actions, and KPIs, additional steps are required to ensure it is successful.