BMCC Foundation Scholars Announced for Fall 2016

August 26, 2016

At Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC/CUNY) seven out of 10 students attend tuition-free, having qualified for federal and state aid based on family income.

In a college where the student body has peaked at more than 27,000 in recent years, that is a considerable amount of aid — but it doesn’t cover all students who need assistance.

Many also apply for national and regional scholarships that include the Benjamin Gilman Scholarship, the Kaplan Leadership Foundation Scholarship, the Guttman Transfer Scholarship and others.

An even larger number of students receive tuition scholarships generated by the BMCC Foundation Board through corporate partnerships and events such as the annual Gala, which raised more than $1.18 million this year.

The BMCC Foundation funds scholarships and supports key programs at BMCC that bolster student achievement, such as the college’s successful Out in Two program.

Sussie Gyamfi, Scholarship and Special Services Coordinator at BMCC, connects students to BMCC Foundation Scholarships by first identifying those who demonstrate both financial need and academic merit.

“We send out an email to all students who have at least a 3.0 GPA and have accrued at least 12 credits toward their associate degree” says Gyamfi. “Then we invite them to workshops where we go over the requirements for the scholarship and what it means to be a BMCC Foundation Scholar. They receive $3,200 a year, and are expected not only to excel as students but to participate in volunteer activities through the BMCC Office of Student Activities, such as Meals on Wheels or peer tutoring.”

Unfortunately, she says, not everybody who is eligible and completes the application process receives a scholarship.

“We don’t have unlimited resources — but our resources grow every year and we’ve been able to give more scholarships than we did in the past,” Gyamfi says. “When students learn they didn’t get the scholarship, we sit and cry and with them. And then we get to work finding other outside scholarships they can apply for.”

Following is a list of the latest cohort of BMCC students receiving scholarships from the BMCC Foundation. It does not include Scholars who joined the program before Fall 2016. For more information, students and faculty are invited to call (212) 220-8130 or visit the BMCC Scholarship Office at the main campus, S-350.

Fall 2016 BMCC Foundation Inc. Scholarship Recipients

Keltoum Abdelhadi, Jeremiah Addo, Fahad Alvi, Carina Amann, Jacqueline Baah Twum, Sofia Baath, Khadija Bair, Cathianna Bartolomeo, Andrea Betancourt, Janay Bombino, Krystal Burgos, Julia Campoverde, Tony Chan, Fabrice Charlemagne, Ming Chu Cheng, Miguel Cordero, Natalee Crawford, Daisy Crispi, Dola Daoud, Aliaksandra Darashenka, Jonathan Dejesus, Abdoul Djire, Isaac Dunne, Alonda Duvall, Yanzhi Fan, Huihong Feng, Romario Ferreira and Kit Foong.

Also, Milka Garrido Lecca, Ammeta Hafiz, Nizar Hamdun, Sue-Ann Hansel, James Henry, Raphael Hertz, Chundie Huang, Agne Ivaskeviciute, Michael James, Abou Kante, Saimir Kopaci, Francesca Lanza, Mon-Na Lian Cai, Pamela Lomastro, Naomi Mackliff, Ashley Manzueta, Eunice Melendez, Azam Mirabdullaev, Philtrice Mixson Scarlet Monegro, Jacqueline Munoz and Saif Musaphir.

And Mbene Ndiaye, Itoko Nemoto, Gift Nweke, Nicole O’Donnell, Emely Padilla, Javis Perez, Victor Polanco, Anetta Rajcsany, Yanisel Ramirez, Daniel Ramirez, Giselle Robleto, Brandon Rodriguez, Yuval Sani, Wourohire Laurent Sanou, Israel Santana Preeya Sawadmanod, Alisha Singh, Ketevani Sokhurashvili, Leire Lucia Soto Hernando, Cassandra Stewart, Ronit Stoica, Papa Sylla, Jondee Tenorio, Irina Uspenskaya, Richard Vasquez, Michael Welton and Haniff Yusuf.

2016-2017 MoneyWorks Ambassadors

Nur Ahamed, Mahamadou Diawara, Sanjay Gurung, Lu Haoyi, Sanghwa Je, Liz Munoz

Mohamadou Moufoutahatou, Klubi Muamba Naomie, Pranto Podder, Pya Phone Thaw, Nepali Tsering, Kam Shan Tsui, Htet Wai, Daya Vandam, Bless Nyemikutse, Mikel Haye, Zayane Orlova and Victorien Yameogo.

Fall 2016 BMCC Presidential Pathway To Success

Erika Cuadros, Ismail Eroglu, Camile Garcia, Stephen Morris, Matthew Narayan, Luis Reyes, Yenissell Sanchez, Geetika Singh, Andrea Williams, Shantay Chrispin and Grachi Falcon.


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  • Many, but not all income-qualifying students at BMCC receive federal or state aid
  • Non-profits such as the BMCC Foundation are filling the gap for tuition assistance
  • Foundation Scholars excel academically and volunteer in their communities

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