Thanks from BMCC Scholars

Abisola Agboola

My name is Abisola Agboola and I am a Nursing major. Growing up in Africa as the second child of a single mother, I had many financial and academic challenges. But most importantly, growing up in a less privileged community, I came to realize the value of a college education. I decided to attend college five years after graduating from high school — I am in my second year now at BMCC and I am doing great. My plans are to complete an AA degree in Nursing, transfer to a four-year college for BA in Biology, and then proceed to medical school.At one time, these plans seemed unachievable due to financial limitations, but with the BMCC Foundation Scholarship, I have been encouraged to forge ahead in my academics and be the best I can. This scholarship has also encouraged me to work as a volunteer in my community, helping adults and seniors with special needs, which gives me great joy and happiness. I look forward to helping more adults and seniors in the future when I graduate from medical school.

Angel Arroyo

I want to give a thank you to the generous benefactors of the BMCC Foundation for their support, and their belief that students at BMCC are here to succeed and do great things. I must also thank Professors William Roane and Anne Marie Basic for showing me what a wonderful and important place BMCC is. Professors Roane and Basic are just two examples of many professors at the college who create the environment that nurtures and guides scholars at BMCC. I come from a working class family where hard work, dedication, and respect is what truly matters in life. Being awarded the BMCC Scholarship was something I never would have even thought possible. The Scholarship has given me extra drive to move forward and an added confidence that I will be successful. I am now studying computer networking technology, and looking at what is ahead of me. Upon graduating in December, my plan is to transfer to John Jay to pursue my BA. I believe that education is a collaborative effort and the BMCC Foundation Scholarship has shown me: We start here, We go anywhere !’ Thank you to all who have supported me.

Bibechana Basnet

I came to New York from Nepal with a dream to pursue my education. Because of my life’s responsibilities, I had a gap in my studies. When I started at BMCC in 2010, I had to work meticulously to find my way around, but soon I began to feel at home. The professors have inspired and motivated me, and I made a commitment to the community and hard work. I was blessed with the BMCC Foundation Scholarship, which has enriched my life by making it easier for me to pay for my studies and not having to worry about financial tribulations. They say, “The secret of happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles.” I have made Dean’s list and am an active member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. I am a Student Ambassador and have been actively involved with the Student Academy of Leadership and Services. In addition, I mentor students as part of the Each One Reach One Mentoring Program. This is my last semester and I am nostalgic as I transfer to another University. BMCC has given me a great platform, and the BMCC Foundation Scholarship has opened doors for me to acquire the education necessary to achieve my goals. I want to truly say “Thank you,” to the school and the Foundation for making this difference in my life.

Alyssa Nejmeh

I am a liberal arts major at Borough of Manhattan Community College, and this is my final semester. I must say it has been a terrific experience. I came to BMCC wanting to rush through my education, get a job and be done. That all changed when I found professors and peers who opened my eyes. I commute from New Jersey, so my tuition is higher than most. I had to take out many loans in order to pay my bills. When I discovered the BMCC scholarship, it filled me with relief. The scholarship helped me financially, but also gave me confidence to be a better student. BMCC has taught me not just to get a job, but to discover a career for myself. I have realized my passion for helping people at BMCC. My ultimate goal is to get my LSW and become a therapist. I am transferring to Rutgers University in the fall to finish my undergraduate degree in social work and then pursue an MA. I came to BMCC in a rush, but now I almost wish I did not have to leave what feels like a second home.

Diana Nurse

I am an international student from Barbados, majoring in business administration. I am very excited because I will be graduating in June 2012 , and continuing my education at Baruch College. I can honestly say that my education would not have been possible if it were not for the generosity of the BMCC Foundation. I started at BMCC in 2009, and did so with much uncertainty. I was 38 yrs old and had not stepped foot in a classroom in nearly 14 years. Additionally, I knew no one, and felt a little intimidated by the younger students. However I did not let these concerns stop me because I was determined to succeed. I knew that if I pushed myself, worked hard and got good grades I might be able to win a scholarship to help with my college expenses; and that is exactly what happened! I was offered the BMCC Foundation Scholarship in spring 2010. It has allowed me to continue my education, when otherwise I would have had to stop and return to Barbados. I am very grateful to the Foundation for what they are doing for students like me: You have allowed a young woman from Carrington Village not only to dream about obtaining her education, you have made it a reality.

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