Meet Our International Students

These are just a few of the many international students at BMCC. We have students from over 105 different countries. At BMCC you will get to meet other international students at special events for international students as well as the many other campus-wide events and activities. Our International Students Office is always here to assist you.


Chandi Samiall

Major: Liberal Arts
Home Country: Guyana

I chose BMCC because I was enthusiastic about going to college in New York City, and I was also looking for diversity so I can meet other students who are as different as I am. I hope to transfer to Hunter College to take advantage of their dual Bachelors/Masters program in economics. When I first came to BMCC, I was lost and I wanted to go home. Lucky for me, I discovered the Peer Mentoring Program, which led me to the Office of Student Activities, the Counseling Center and the Learning Resource Center. These services have helped me so much that believe I am even more equipped to succeed in college and I am just passionate about my journey now.

Abiodun Akinlabi

Abiodun (Abi) Akinlabi

Major: Health Information Technology
Home Country: Nigeria

BMCC caught my eye because of its apparent diversity, the prompt response and amiable response from (International Students Office) ISSO, and the prodigious resources provided to international students. With the institution’s support and opportunities, I was able to adjust well to cultural differences in New York. After BMCC, I completed my Bachelor’s degree and am currently preparing for my graduate degree.


Saulin Ng Wu

Major: Business Administration
Home Country: Dominican Republic

I chose BMCC because of its good reputation among international students. I constantly find myself visiting the International Students Services Office, because the staff helps me by ensuring everything is alright regarding my international status. I also visit the Academic Advisement and Transfer Center regularly to ensure I’m on the right track to transferring to a senior college. My advice for prospective international students is to take advantage of all the services and opportunities the college has to offer. After BMCC, I plan to transfer to Baruch College in order to get my bachelor’s degree.

Shemar Edwards

Shemar Edwards

Major: Nursing
Home Country: Jamaica

Having the extreme privilege of being brought up in a country that is considered a “melting pot” of cultures, and people of all walks of life. Diversity, among other things like academic performance, campus enrichment, and student retention rates were at the forefront of why I ultimately decided on this amazing college as being the best, and only option to kick start my academic career here in the USA. With professors who intuitively go above and beyond to ensure quality education is delivered, to amazing programs like IMPACT that work tirelessly to help nurture me into the best individual I can strive to be. This college has only surpassed all I expected. Located in what I consider the heart of the financial district, BMCC is surrounded by the most amazing parks, and breath-taking sceneries. Of course, being the huge lover of food that I am, my favorite thing about studying at BMCC, and living in NYC has to be the diversity of food you can find here. My plans after graduation include sitting for my NCLEX, thereafter transferring to Hunter College to complete my Bachelor of Nursing.


Liana Tenorio

Major: Multimedia Programming and Design
Home Country: Brazil

I chose BMCC because my friend graduated from there and told me about the college and opportunities. I like the extra-curricular opportunities, such as the CUNY Service Corps program and student academies. My favorite class is Speech, because I get to improve my grammar and communication skills. My advice for prospective international students is to take advantage of every opportunity on campus. I like New York because of the diversity and the number of restaurants. My plan after BMCC is to transfer to New York University (NYU).


Alex Guarino

Major: Business Administration
Home Country: Italy

I chose BMCC because I heard it was the best community college in New York. The people here are really friendly and helpful. My favorite class is my Speech class, because I will have to make speeches in my future career. I love English 101, too. My advice to prospective international students is to study English as much as you can back in your country, because it will be the biggest challenge. I love the energy this city has, and the feeling that if you work hard, you can achieve your dreams. My best experience has been meeting people and feeling that I am improving myself. I plan to get my Associate Degree in Business Administration as soon as I can and transfer to a senior college, such as Baruch College-CUNY, for Finance.

Jahnavi John

Jahnavi John

Major: Criminal Justice
Home Country: India

The thing I like about studying at BMCC the most is that we are a community. Everybody brings something to the table. I love living in metropolitan cities and so far NYC is my absolute favorite especially because it is so diverse. School-wise, I would like to continue my education at John Jay. I just want to explore my career as much as I can.


Lino Ahston

Major: Communication Studies
Home Country: Sweden

I chose BMCC because of the advantages of entering the City University of New York system. BMCC has made getting an affordable college education possible for me, and I am now ready to transfer to a four-year institution. The transition into college was smooth here. It’s easy to think of community colleges as mere “commuter schools” but BMCC has an amazing student life. Its location, cost, and services is what appealed to me. The Office of Student Affairs, the ISSO, and the library all provide the necessary services for me to succeed in college. I advise other international students to take advantage the student support services available and get involved in clubs.

Diana Azimova

Diana Azimova

Major: Business Administration
Home Country: Uzbekistan

There are so many things I like about studying at BMCC. First, it’s the location. You are studying in the heart of TriBeCa, and there are always events happening in the area; be that a TriBeCa film festival, a fashion show, or a movie filming. Secondly, the numerous services BMCC will save you so much time, money, and nerves! People in Student Affairs offices are caring and insanely helpful. That leads me to my last point, BMCC community, that I love and miss. It is extremely diverse and unique, with people from different backgrounds, countries, and of different ages.

After I graduated BMCC I applied for OPT (Optional Practical Training) and spent a year working as a program assistant. Afterwards, I applied to Baruch College and now I graduated with a BBA in Marketing Management. I am currently back in my country, working at the biggest retailer chain in Uzbekistan.

Carla, Australia

Carla Costa

Major: Liberal Arts
Home Country: Australia

BMCC was recommended to me. It’s very personal, but it’s smaller than the 4-year colleges. My favorite class is English 201 – my professor is awesome. My advice to prospective international students is to have fun! I like New York because of its cultural diversity. After BMCC, I plan to continue my studies and earn a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.


Mohsin Masrur

Major: Computer Network Technology
Home Country: Bangladesh

I chose BMCC because I found it is one of the best college in New York City. The location is very accessible from any of the five boroughs. The tuition is affordable and the college is full of helpful resources. The college community is very diverse with a large number of students from more than 150 countries. It makes me feel like wherever you come from, you will find someone like you. There are so many opportunities to get involved in campus like clubs, workshops, events and so on. I’m a member of International Students Club and I work on-campus as a Peer Mentor. The professors here are very helpful. They help students outside of the classroom if needed. Also, tutoring services are free for students, which helps us to succeed in academic life. My goal is to transfer to the New York City College of Technology or New York University. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I’m planning to have my own IT business.


Lisa (Elisaveta) Azizova

Major: Business Administration
Home Country: Sweden

I chose BMCC because of the location and affordability. I like the school motto – “Start here, go anywhere.” My favorite class is my ESL Class with Professor Beaumont, the foundation to my successful start. I also like Business Law, with Professor Lambert. My advice to prospective international students is to use the resources at the college. Get involved as early as possible in clubs, student programs, and workshops. I like New York because of its diversity, mentality, and fast-paced environment – mostly because it is an endless challenge. My best experience here has been meeting students from different countries and networking with faculty and guest speakers. My goal is to transfer to an Ivy League school.


Alla Semenova

Major: Business Administration
Home Country: Russia

I chose BMCC because of the location and price. I like the school because of its international student support team. My favorite class is Business. My advice to prospective international students is to be patient, and to always be on top of things. I like New York because it is an inspiring city, I can meet all kinds of people and I always have something to do. After BMCC, I plan to transfer to Baruch College. However, my goal is to transfer to Columbia University, Pace University or the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.


Tamar Mosulishvili

Major: Nursing
Home Country: Georgia

After doing a tremendous amount of research, the very first reason I chose BMCC was for the tuition. It’s an incredibly affordable college in NYC. The second reason was its location. I wanted to be in the city every day. I think BMCC is the best bridge for international students to adapt to a new culture. The diversity of students and professors makes it easier to be proud of who you are and where you come from. BMCC helps my confidence every day. It’s a solid foundation upon which to build my future academic and career success.

So far, my favorite class has been Introduction to Sociology, with Professor Salam. It was very interesting to look at different social structures and environmental factors that shape us at a deeper level. My advice to prospective international students is to get involved. Make at least one friend in each class. Don’t be afraid. You are not alone. I like to be exposed to many different things, cultures, and challenges. This country and city always leave extra space to push yourself, challenge your personality, and be better. I like that it’s possible to experience major shifts in my world view. My best experience here has been interacting with professors and staff because they are so helpful. They encourage me, inspire me, and make up my second family here. After BMCC, I plan to transfer to a four-year school and most likely major in Psychology and complete the Pre-Med requirements. I hope to get my MD from an American college.