Honors Contract

The Honors Contract at BMCC provides eligible students with academic challenges beyond the normal parameters of a course’s requirements. Qualified students, working in close conjunction with a faculty member, on an honors Committee approved project, extend their knowledge of the theoretical or practical aspects of the course and develop or enhance their writing, critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills.

Requirements for Honors Project

The requirements to complete an Honors project are as follows:

  • a GPA of at least 3.2; 12 credits completed at BMCC and
  • no remediation left to do (this is so that a student’s time to complete both project and requirements is sufficient).

The Honors project is done with a professor in whose class the student is currently enrolled (and completed during that semester) which goes beyond the normal class assignments, and thus represents scholarship as the acquisition of knowledge (there is no monetary scholarship in the program). The work is completed during one semester only and if the student successfully completes the project, honors is conferred in that course.

Submission of Honors Contract

Submission of the contract and accompanying paperwork are due by the end of the fourth week of the semester. Up to two Honors Contracts can be applied to the Honor Program at BMCC. It is advised that you contact Professor Matthew Geddis in the Science Department, N-699G, email mgeddis@bmcc.cuny.edu, for contract information and best practices for the student and faculty mentor for successful completion of the work.

The mentor will then present the contract to the committee (the Honors Committee comprises one representative from each academic department) and the student will complete all work for submission and presentation before final exams.

Since this is intensive study, no student can do more than one contract per semester and a mentor may only work with one student per semester. This will ensure timely completion of each project. And yes, both the students and the faculty should feel “Honored to Participate.”

For further information about the Honors Contract, contact the Office of Academic Affairs at (212) 220-8320.