New Hires

All faculty new to BMCC must complete a new hire packet available from and to be submitted to Human Resources.


Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, Professors, Lecturers and Instructors

The annual workload is 27 teaching contact hours for assistant professors, associate professors, professors, instructors and lecturers. Faculty and their respective departments are expected to monitor individual workload not to exceed the hours noted. In some cases, in order to avoid the loss of teaching hours due to difficulties in scheduling, the annual workload may be managed over a three-year period. Instructional staff assigned as Counselors have a 330-hour workweek as assigned. All other non-classroom instructional staff, including faculty in the libraries, have a 35-hour workweek as assigned.
See PSC/CUNY Agreement, Article 15; and Appendix A.

College Laboratory Technicians and Senior College Laboratory Technicians

As non‑classroom Instructional Staff, college laboratory technician titles have a workload defined as a workweek of thirty‑five (35) hours as assigned, to be scheduled in not more than five days in any week.

Substitute faculty

The workload for substitute faculty, including instructors, lecturers, assistant professors, associate professors and professors, may not exceed fifteen (15) contact hours per semester. See the PSC/CUNY Substitute Settlement Agreement (2010) for more information and guidance regarding substitute faculty appointments.

Contractual Reassigned time

Tenure track Assistant Professors, Associate Professors or Professors are entitled to make full use of their twenty-four (24) contact hours of reassigned time during their first five (5) annual appointments, in order to engage in scholarly and/or creative activities related to their academic disciplines. Assignment of such reassigned time and planning of reassigned time will be made with the Chairperson’s approval and the college pursuant to guidelines designed to encourage scholarship.
Faculty counselors or faculty librarians may calculate the reassigned time as 12 contact hours to be equivalent to the number of clock hours that would be necessary to provide full reassigned time to a faculty counselor or a faculty librarian for 15 weeks.
See Article 15 of PSC CUNY Agreement for more details.

Multiple Positions

Each full-time faculty member of BMCC is obligated to view his/her appointment to the college as his or her major professional commitment. The President or his designee will approve overload assignments, i.e., multiple positions, if it is determined to be in the best interest of the college and it serves a specific academic need. Prior to the beginning of each semester, each faculty member is responsible for completing and submitting a multiple position form to their department and the appropriate college approvals. The multiple position policy is governed by the Board of Trustees’ Statement of Policy on Multiple Positions.

College Laboratory Technicians series titles are expected to complete the multiple position form for non-teaching instructional staff prior to the beginning of any multiple assignments, including teaching and non-teaching assignments.


All absences, excused or unexcused, for full time faculty must be reported on a monthly faculty Instructional-Staff Leave Record that should be submitted to their department on a monthly basis.

Faculty are also expected to follow the relevant absence reporting procedure and notification of their respective department, notifying the department if a faculty member is unable to make it to class so that appropriate coverage can be found.

Academic Freedom

Faculty are expected to familiarize themselves with and adhere to the rules regarding Academic Freedom, as well as the BMCC Academic Freedom Manual.