Application for Tenure/CCE and Promotion

Faculty applying for promotion to Professor, Associate Professor, Adjunct Professor, Adjunct Associate Professor, or the College Laboratory Technician line or those scheduled for review for Tenure or Certificate of Continuous Employment (CCE) should complete and submit the online form, along with a copy of their CV and a list of professional references by the indicated deadlines. The online form is available from the Human Resources website (and here) and requires your BMCC username and password to log in.

Prior to application submission

All faculty are required to discuss their plans for promotion and/or tenure/CCE with their Chair before submitting an application. All faculty are encouraged to attend one of the Tenure and Promotion Workshops held each semester.

Application submission deadlines

Promotion application: November 1

Promotion supplemental materials: January 15

Seventh reappointment with tenure application: April 1

Fifth reappointment with CCE application: April 1

Tenure/CCE supplemental materials: July 15

Documents required at the time of application submission

Confidential reference letters will be solicited by the Office of Faculty Appointments, not by the candidate for promotion/tenure/CCE.  References will be asked to comment on the candidate’s qualifications for the appropriate position.

  • 3 – 5 names (minimum of 3 letters required for promotion/tenure/CCE)
  • 2 – 3 names for college library technicians (minimum of 2 letters required for promotion/tenure)
  • No letters from BMCC (except CLT)
  • Majority of letters must be outside of CUNY (except CLT)
  • Please include name, contact information, brief explanation of relationship

Additional documents required

Academic Affairs will collect the following additional documents from your Chair:

  • Current annual evaluation
  • Current peer observation
  • Student evaluations
  • Chair’s report
  • Department P&B vote (not required for Full Professor)

Supplemental materials submission deadlines

Candidates must submit Supplemental Materials to the Office of Faculty Appointments electronically at or in person to room S-715B:

Promotion supplemental materials: January 15

Tenure/CCE supplemental materials: June 30

  • Original publications/creative work
  • Adenda (optional)

All supplemental materials should be submitted to the Office of Faculty Appointments by email at or physically to room S-715B.

For questions or additional guidance please contact Greer McPhaden, Director of Faculty Appointments,  or (212) 776-6226.