Brightspace for Students

When should I start using Brightspace?

Starting Summer 2024, Brightspace will replace Blackboard as BMCC’s learning management system (LMS). The transition to Brightspace will enable BMCC to fully support student learning experiences in all formats (in-person, online, and hybrid).

How do I access Brightspace?

Just like before, you will log in to Brightspace using your CUNYfirst username and password and then enter the courses you enrolled in. Many of the same features and activities you are used to will be made available by your professors inside your courses. These include accessing course information, participating in discussions, submitting assignments, taking quizzes, and communicating with your professors. Click here to log in to Brightspace. If you can’t log into BrightSpace, please contact the BMCC Service Desk.

Your courses will not be accessible until your professors activate them, but in the meanwhile you can get ready by taking the BMCC Student Brightspace Orientation, which should appear on your Brightspace home page (screenshot below). If you cannot find your way to the orientation, or have other questions, please contact

Brightspace Login

I’ve never used Brightspace, how can I get help with it?

To help students get familiar with Brightspace, we have developed a BMCC Student Brightspace Orientation that will guide you through the more commonly used features and activities used for courses. As you go through the orientation, you will gain insight to how the system works, where to get additional help, and how to download the Brightspace app. To get started click here: BMCC Student Brightspace Orientation and sign in with your CUNYfirst login. If you can’t log into BrightSpace, please contact the BMCC Service Desk. For questions about the orientation or how to use Brightspace, email

Screenshot of My Courses widget on Brightspace home page, showing BMCC Student Brightspace Orientation course tile.
BMCC Student Brightspace Orientation on Brightspace home

Where do I find my course in Brightspace?

Under “My Courses” on your Brightspace home page you will see the courses you are enrolled in. If your course is not listed on Brightspace but you see it on CUNYfirst, this likely means your professor has not turned the course on as of yet. Once they are ready to begin using Brightspace for class, they will make it visible to students.

How do I get email notifications from Brightspace?

In Brightspace, your email will look the same as your login info (for example: This is tied to your preferred email address in CUNYfirst, which you can set to anything you’d like. We recommend, though, setting your preferred email address in CUNYfirst to your student email. If you need help gaining access to your student email account and/or updating your email in CUNYfirst, contact the Service Desk.

Where can I get more help?

For help with academic content or materials within the course, please contact your professor. You can also visit the Digital Education website for more information or email them at The Learning Resource Center offers technology workshops, tutoring, and academic coaching. The Counseling Center provides a safe space for students to explore difficulties and understand what is keeping them from achieving their goals. Counselors help students talk about their concerns and work toward removing the obstacles that keep them from thriving.

Digital Education Center

Phone: (212) 220-1243

199 Chambers St, Room S-510a
New York, NY 10007

Monday – Friday: 9 a.m.–5 p.m.