Zoom for Students

BMCC Zoom Accounts Now Available to Students

Great news for students! BMCC is making Zoom accounts available to all BMCC students. Due to security concerns, many courses may require you to use your BMCC Zoom account. To access your BMCC Zoom account, you must first sign out of your personal account, then sign back in using your BMCC email address. BEFORE you try this, watch this short video that walks you through each step.

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing is real-time or live video conferencing software like Blackboard Collaborate, Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet that allows you to see, hear, and interact via video with people using a computer, tablet, or mobile device. Most instructors will be using Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate (sometimes both!).

You can use it for:

  • Online/Virtual Classes
  • Virtual Office Hours or Private Consultations
  • Online/Virtual Meetings

First-time Zoom Users

If you haven’t used Zoom before, please join the session a few minutes early so you can complete the first-time setup activities. You can avoid these activities by pre-installing and testing Zoom using the Zoom test page. If you’ve already installed Zoom but are unsure if it is working, this site can verify your voice, video, and sound are all functioning properly.

Digital Education Center

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