Music Auditions

The Department of Music and Art offers several major options: Music Education, Music Performance, and Applied Studies (Private Instruction on voice or instrument.)

Any student can enter the Music Studies degree program. No audition is needed to be a music major at BMCC. If you are interested in pursuing Music Education or Music Performance, an audition is required. All Music Majors are eligible for Applied Studies on an instrument or voice (non-music majors are not eligible).

Music Audition Requirements

Students must pass an audition in order to enroll in Applied Studies (one-on-one instruction on an instrument/voice). Please prepare the following:


  • 2 contrasting pieces (no more than 15 minutes in length)
  • 1 Major scale
  • 1 Minor scale
  • Sight reading (pianists only)


  • 3 contrasting songs/arias, must be memorized.

Audition Schedule

Auditions are held in January, May, August and December. For dates and times, please check the homepage of the Music and Art Department site under Events.

Sign up to audition

For more information, contact:

Dr. Eugenia Yau, Chairperson and Professor of Music or (212) 776-7240

Dr. Robert Reed, Associate Professor of Music or (212) 220-8005 ‚Äč