Course Listings

woman playing grand piano in art gallery.
Music faculty concert and art show in the Shirley Fiterman Art Center.


Digital Imaging Studio I
Survey of Art History I
Survey of Art History II
Modern and Contemporary Art
Color and Design I
Art Survey I
History of Graphic Design
Photography I
Drawing I
Drawing Studio I
Painting Studio I
Comic Art 1
Sculpture Studio I
Digital Imaging Studio II
Typography and Layout
Photography II
Photographic Studio & Light I
3D Design: Methods & Materials
Asian Art History
Drawing Studio II
Life Drawing Studio I
Painting Studio II
Comic Art 2
Sculpture Studio II
Life Drawing Studio II
Painting Studio III
Sculpture Studio III
Final Project Lab
Final Thesis Lab
African Art (Same as AFN 101)
African-American Art


Fundamentals of Music
Understanding Music
Music and Western Society
The World of Jazz
Exploring Music
Introduction to World Music
Music I: Introduction to Music
Aural Skills I
Keyboard Workshop I
Woodwind Class
Methods: Woodwinds
Music Notation Software
Brasswind Class
Methods: Brass
Methods: Percussion
Piano Class I
Piano Class II
Voice Class I
Methods: Voice
College Chorus I
College Chorus II
College Chorus III
College Chorus IV
Voice Class II
Guitar Class I
Methods: Guitar
Guitar Class II
16th Century Counterpoint
Music Theory II
Aural Skills II
Keyboard Workshop II
Music in World Culture
Introduction to Digital Music
African-American Music
Concert Choir I
Concert Choir II
Concert Choir III
Concert Choir IV
Jazz Performance Workshop I
Jazz Performance Workshop II
Jazz Performance Workshop III
Jazz Performance Workshop IV
Orchestral Performance I
Orchestral Performance II
Orchestral Performance III
Orchestral Performance IV
Music Theory III
Aural Skills III
Keyboard Workshop III
Arranging I
Arranging II
Aural Skills IV
Keyboard Workshop IV
Wind Ensemble I
Wind Ensemble II
Wind Ensemble III
Wind Ensemble IV
Instrumental Ensemble I
Instrumental Ensemble II
Instrumental Ensemble III
Instrumental Ensemble IV
Brass Ensemble I
Brass Ensemble II
Brass Ensemble III
Brass Ensemble IV
Private Instruction
Private Instruction
Applied Studies: Piano I
Applied Studies: Piano II
Applied Studies: Piano III
Applied Studies: Piano IV
Applied Studies: Woodwinds I
Applied Studies: Woodwinds II
Applied Studies: Woodwinds III
Applied Studies: Woodwinds IV
Applied Studies: Brass I
Applied Studies: Brass II
Applied Studies: Brass III
Applied Studies: Brass IV
Applied Studies: Voice I
Applied Studies: Voice II
Applied Studies: Voice III
Applied Studies: Voice IV
Applied Studies: Guitar I
Applied Studies: Guitar II
Applied Studies: Guitar III
Applied Studies: Guitar IV
Composition I
Composition II
Composition III
Composition IV
Applied Studies: Percussion I
Applied Studies: Percussion II
Applied Studies: Percussion IV
String Ensemble I
String Ensemble II
String Ensemble III
String Ensemble IV
Guitar Ensemble I
Guitar Ensemble II
Guitar Ensemble III
Guitar Ensemble IV
Puerto Rican Music

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