Art Clubs on Campus

The following art clubs provide students with opportunities to further develop their skills in a congenial atmosphere. Clubs meet weekly on Wednesdays from 2 – 4 p.m. in Fiterman Hall.

Note: Not every club is active every semester–it depends on student interest and involvement. Contact the Office of Student Activities for the meeting location of a particular club or if you have any other questions.

Life Drawing Club

The Life Drawing Club provides the opportunity to learn and practice life drawing in a safe, relaxed environment. Our community of artists come from all levels of experience – from beginner to professional – and we provide an inclusive space for everyone to express their creativity. We meet once a week for two hours where we draw together from life models, with members engaging in both short and long poses. Members are also encouraged to give feedback on each other’s work and discuss techniques or media used.

We believe that life drawing is an essential part of an artist’s education and growth, as it gives one valuable insight into the human form through observation. We strive to create a stimulating learning environment by providing inspiring visuals for our members to draw from, as well as offering opportunities for members to interact with professional artists and curators.

For more information, contact Professor Siobhan McBride at

Makerspace Art Club

For more information, contact Professor Jessica Ramirez at

Painting Club

The Painting Club is dedicated to providing students with the opportunity to explore their creative side through painting. Our club provides a supportive and collaborative environment for learning and creating art. We offer workshops, classes, lectures, and critiques to help members build their skills and foster an understanding of different painting techniques. Members can also participate in exhibitions and competitions held throughout the year that give them the chance to showcase their work. Additionally, our club serves as a meeting point for those interested in getting together and discussing painting-related topics or sharing ideas.

For more information, contact Professor Thaddeus Radell at

Photo Club

For more information, contact Professor Terttu Uibopuu at

Sculpture Club

The Sculpture Club is a community of students, faculty and alumni dedicated to exploring the visual arts through sculpture. We provide support and resources for artists at all levels of experience – from those just beginning to explore their creative side to experienced professionals seeking inspiration and guidance. Our goal is to create an environment where members can come together to share ideas, work on projects and build meaningful relationships with each other.

We host regular workshops that cover topics such as sculpting techniques, mold-making, surface treatments and more. These events are open to everyone in our community, regardless of skill level or experience. In addition, we offer critiques designed to help members hone their craft by providing constructive feedback from fellow artists.

We also host special events throughout the year, such as gallery openings, art competitions and field trips to galleries and museums. These events provide an opportunity for members to learn about contemporary art trends and connect with local artists.

For more information, contact Professor Sarah Haviland at


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