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The Department of Academic Literacy and Linguistics (ALL) offers an Associate in Arts (AA) degree in Critical Thinking and Justice. This program fosters critical literacy and critical thinking as applied to studies in justice, history, and philosophy, among others. This field will help you gain an understanding of the relationship between the humanities and justice; engage and develop the skills of careful reading, critical thinking, and clear writing about the justice system and community justice.

This program will prepare students for careers in humanities and justice, and related fields in behavioral and social sciences, communication and media, education, the legal profession and the non-profit sector.

Students completing this program can transfer seamlessly into the B.A. degree in Humanities and Justice at the CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice without the loss of credits.

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Required Common Core

Flexible Core2

Curriculum Requirements


XXX xxx
Critical Thinking Advised Electives6
XXX xxx
Diversity & Social Justice Advised Electives7
XXX xxx
Humanities Advised Elective8
XXX xxx
Justice in Practice: Social Behavioral Sciences Elective9
XXX xxx
General Electives1
Total Curriculum Requirements
Total Program Requirements


  1. These credits can be satisfied by taking STEM variants in the Common Core.
  2. No more than two course in any discipline or interdisciplinary field can be used to satisfy Flexible Common Core requirements.
  3. If students take ACL 195 to satisfy the World Cultures and Global Issues requirement in the Common Core, they will be able to take an additional advised elective.
  4. If students take CRT 150 to satisfy the Scientific World requirement in the Common Core, they will be able to take an additional advised elective.
  5. If students take CRT 120 to satisfy the Individual and Society requirement in the Common Core, they will be able to take an additional advised elective.
  6. Choose one (1) course from CRT 196, CRT 200, CRT 210, CRT 220, CRT 245, CRT 250, CRT 295, CRT 310, CRT 350, LIN 240, PHI 100, PHI 110, PHI 111, PHI 120, PHI 210, or POL 260.
  7. Choose one (1) course from COM 265, CRT 120, CRT 196, CRT 300, CRT 295, GWS 100, LIN 125, LIN 150, LIN 300, SOC 154/AFN 154, SOC 150/LAT 150, SOC 210, or SOC 230.
  8. Choose one (1) course from AFN 321, AFN 322, AFN 338, ENG 116, ENG 300, ENG 311, ENG 314, ENG 336, ENG 338/LAT 338, ENG 339, ENG 340, ENG 346, ENG 353, HIS 123/AFN 123, HIS 124/AFN 124, HIS 126/AFN 126, HIS 130/LAT130, PHI 100, PHI 120, or any modern language course.
  9. Choose one (1) course from ACL 150, ACL 175, ACL 250, CRJ 101, CRJ 201, CRJ 202, CRT 300, CRT 310, CRT 350, ECO 111, HUM 101, HUM 201, LIN 201, LIN 240, LIN 250, POL 100, POL 230, or POL 230.

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