Transfer Events

The Academic Advisement & Transfer Center hosts transfer events every semester to assist you with the transfer process and to connect you with representatives from CUNY, SUNY, and other public/private institutions. The dates for all transfer events are posted on the BMCC Events Calendar at the beginning of each semester.

Transfer Fairs

Transfer Fairs are important events at each stage of your academic career. In your first and second semester, you are encouraged to attend transfer fairs to explore academic programs offered at the senior colleges. The fairs also provide the opportunity to speak to representatives from many colleges and programs during a single event. As you approach graduation, you can use the fairs to get specific information from the school(s) you are most interested in attending.

Information Sessions

Information sessions are focused transfer events. During these sessions, a representative from the featured senior college discusses the academic programs offered, admission requirements, general education and prerequisite course requirements, transfer credit evaluation, and scholarship opportunities. A question-and-answer period follows each presentation.

Table Visits

Admission representatives from the senior colleges also schedule ‘table visits.’ This outreach activity allows recruiters to establish a presence on campus and to speak with students informally about transfer opportunities at their institution (these sessions will resume when we return to campus).

Panel Discussions

Panel discussions are specialized information sessions organized around a common theme. The topic of the session may have a specific career/major focus (e.g., careers in allied health) or provide an opportunity to explore, in-depth, other relevant topics (e.g.; social justice). The panelists consist of representatives from CUNY, SUNY, and other public/private institutions that offer programs relevant to the discussion. These sessions are lively, interactive, and provide the opportunity to find your ‘best’ fit program.

Transfer Talk Tuesday

Have questions about transferring to a senior college after BMCC? We have the answer to all things transfer! Drop in virtually during designated hours. No appointment necessary.

Transfer Thursday

Need help with your transfer application? Drop in virtually on designated Transfer Thursdays to start or complete your transfer application or get your questions answered on the application process for CUNY, SUNY, and other public/private institutions.