Residency for Enrolled Students

To qualify for New York City tuition rates, students must have completed one year of residency in New York City prior to the first day of classes, and must not be on a temporary visa. The student must be a US citizen, Permanent Resident, Refugee/Asylum granted (I-94 card) or in a non-immigrant status that qualifies for the resident rate.

Please follow the steps outlined below (pdf document will open in a new window):

Step 1: Review CUNY Residency Checklist

Step 2: Complete CUNY Residency Form-Part A (all students must complete this part)

Step 3: Complete CUNY Residency Form-Part B

Step 4: Complete CUNY Residency Form-Part C (if applicable)

Step 5: Submit forms and required documentation  

Note: Students under the age of 24 whose parent(s) or legal guardian(s) reside out of state, who otherwise meets CUNY’s residency requirements and is not financially independent from his/her parents, is eligible for the resident tuition rate if the student can show that he/she changed his/her domicile by submitting two documents from Column B. 

Students under the age 24 who claim to be independent must document financial independence from their parents. Students over the age of 24 are considered independent and do not have to document financial independence





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