Study Skills Videos

The Study Skills Video collection is not available online. To view these videos, you must come to the LRC (S-510) Reception Desk and request assistance.

How to Take Notes

Secrets to successful note taking including being prepared, writing important information, clue words and chronology.

How to Listen Effectively

Stresses that listening is a full-time job. Gives specific advice on being an active listener, including maintaining eye contact with the speaker, knowing what to listen for and becoming involved with the speaker by asking questions. Discusses “clue words,” which help a listener understand how spoken information is organized.

How to Use the Library

Tours library collections that include reference books, periodicals, microfilms, audiovisual and computer materials. Shows the use of the Dewey Decimal and Library of Congress systems.

How to Manage Your Time

Describes how to create a personal schedule that will help users get more accomplished each day and waste less time. This video demonstrates how to maintain concentration, procrastination and meet schedules through a user-friendly calendar system.

Guidelines for Taking Multiple-Choice Exams

How to recognize inappropriate choices, avoid “absolute” statements, eliminate false answers and analyze choices.

How Can I Organize My Textbook Reading?

Tips on approaching the written word, getting the most out of your reading and considering what the reading means and what you know.

How Do I Show What I Know?

How to set up review activities during the week preceding an exam, including organizing materials, setting goals for each course and dividing the work load into manageable pieces.

Increasing Reading Efficiency: Rate and Comprehension

How to maintain focus, deal with distractions, write while reading, identify and prioritize main ideas and think critically.

Memory Skills

How to determine what to remember, relate new material to what you already know, use proven strategies to memorize new material, test recall of new information and consolidate memory through repeated review.

Thinking in Skillful Ways: Making Decisions and Solving Problems

How to identify your goals to help make decisions, consider and assess alternatives, make and carry out decisions, consider outcomes and reconsider goals and options.

Your Credit Rating

Shows how a credit rating affects your life, how to obtain and read a credit report and discusses the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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