For Faculty

  • Academic Coaching consists of personalized, one-on-one meetings with an academic coach designed to assist students with identifying their academic challenges, refine their study skills, and improve their academic performance.  To recommend a student, fill out the Referral Form.  To schedule a class session to discuss best study skills practices, fill out the Workshop-To-Go Form.

Help students improve their academic skills through consistent one-on-one meetings with an academic coach.

Build Your Confidence as a Student

This workshop aims to build students’ academic confidence by helping students understand that they can be successful in the classroom regardless of past experiences (i.e., adopting a growth mindset) and helping them build confidence in themselves. Key campus resources will be shared so that students feel as though they have the support they need to be successful.

Preventing and Overcome Burnout

At some point, students will experience burnout, feeling overwhelmed as the semester progress with upcoming assignments, exams and projects. While burnout cannot always be avoided, teaching students how to manage and overcome such feelings will allow them to persevere to finish the semester. This workshop aims to introduce methods to prevent future feelings of burnout as well as mitigate or overcome any current feelings of burnout.

Prioritize like a Pro

Based on time management, this workshop will discuss how to prioritize tasks (e.g., homework, assigned readings) and events (e.g., work, school, social events). Using to-do lists, students will learn how to create their schedules to prioritize tasks that are assigned to them, as it is expected that they are taking multiple classes and are likely struggling to find ways to balance their workload for each class and work and social life.

Study Smarter, Not Harder

This workshop aims to introduce active learning strategies, which have recently gained traction in research due to their promising results for recall of information. Students will learn strategies that go beyond re-reading notes and will offer strategies that will allow students to interact with their course material thoughtfully to maximize study sessions.

Understanding Your Role as Community College Student

This workshop will outline the expectations that professors and college staff have for students. Furthermore, the workshop will state essential habits (i.e., managing workflow interpedently and using college resources to their advantage) needed to transition to become a successful college student.

  • Class Orientation

Request a 15–30-minute class orientation of the Learning Resource Center’s services in person or online.

  • Instructional Computer Services offers computer based workshops for students in Linkedin Learning, Microsoft Office and Adobe CC products.  We also provide computer lab hours and assistance with technology used in the classroom.   The team is committed to assisting students in achieving academic success and professional development.

Schedule a class workshops on a specific topic for one hour in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop or Linkedin Learning.  All workshops are conducted in the Learning Resource Center (LRC), room S510G or remotely.

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