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The Workshops-to-Go (In-Class Workshops) Service offers faculty the opportunity to have a twenty-minute study skills presentation conducted for their class by a LRC learning specialist. The following workshops are currently being offered:

Effective Note-taking Techniques

This workshop introduces students to in-class note-taking techniques. Good lecture notes must summarize the main points, include the important ideas in your own words, and list the specific details needed for your purpose in this class. See Note-taking Techniques Handout (pdf)

Test-taking Techniques

When you take a test, you are demonstrating your ability to understand course material or perform certain tasks. This workshop introduces students to successful strategies that can help them prepare with confidence for a test. See Test Taking Techniques Handout (pdf)


By avoiding procrastination, you are giving yourself a chance to spend your most valuable resource, your time, the way you want. This workshop introduces students to seven strategies that can be used to eliminate procrastination. See Procrastination Handout (pdf)

Common Study Problems and Techniques

This workshop introduces students to memory and study techniques that will allow them to process their course work effectively. See Common Study Problems and Techniques Handout (pdf)

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