Board Members

  • Cecilia Scott-Croff
    Executive Director, BMCC Early Childhood Center
  • Dr. Emily Anderson
    Board Chairperson
  • Daisy Alverio
    Board Vice Chairperson
  • Marva Craig
    Vice President of Student Affairs
  • Michael Hutmaker
    Dean of Students, Student Affairs (BMCC)
  • Kirsten Cole
    Teacher Education (BMCC)
  • Leslie Craigo
    Teacher Education (BMCC)
  • Penelope Jordan
    Director, Health Services (BMCC)
  • Elena Samuels
    Treasurer, Business Manager (BMCC)
  • Ashraf Seyam
    Accounting Faculty (BMCC)
  • Julia Travers
    MSN, Infant Toddler Specialist and Consultant
  • Nur Ahmed
    Senator, SGA Representative (BMCC)