Faculty and Staff Training

Culture of Care Training

The new Culture of Care training with the evidence-based coaching model will allow BMCC to extend and integrate professional development activities to faculty and staff using workshops, shared readings, and participation in campus conversations that involve race, gender, socioeconomic status, and diversity. With these efforts, the cultural competence of all participants is heightened. The training will contribute to an environment that affirms and values cultural diversity, providing staff with the uniquely necessary training, tools, resources, and approaches to ensure students on campus are served, represented, and appreciated for the value they bring to the BMCC community.

Professional Learning Communities

Conexiones & Connections will engage the services of senior college faculty to recruit, shape, and advocate the proposed training on their respective campuses. Each year, these trainings will be rotated to a different campus to encourage dissemination and standardize training to facilitate transfer for project participants. Conexiónes & Connections Professional Learning Communities (PLC) is the conduit for like-minded educators to become leaders and mentors to others in subsequent years.

Training will be capped at 12 participants per training, who will be “paired off” with each tandem working as a single unit. The Conexiones & Connections PLC will involve the use of active and collaborative teaching techniques in the form of case studies, scenarios, and role plays, which research confirms are effective for the deep learning needed for application in the classroom.