Thirteen BMCC Students Earn Scholarships to Study Abroad in Summer 2017

BMCC Study Abroad locations have included Italy, Greece, Brazil and other countries.

BMCC Study Abroad locations have included Italy, Greece, Brazil and other countries.
May 24, 2017

Thirteen Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC/CUNY) students received a total of $34,000 in scholarships to fund their Study Abroad trips in Summer 2017, according to Deborah Stengle, Academic Study Abroad Program Manager at BMCC.

In addition, she says, funding was made available for the first time from the CUNY Chancellor’s Global Scholarship (CGS) program and the BMCC Urban Male Leadership Academy (UMLA).

Other funding for students’ traveling expenses and to cover the cost of their Study Abroad course will be provided through the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program and the Hosteling International Explore the World Scholarship program.

“These national and local scholarships are essential to helping students access the opportunity to study abroad and gain life-changing experiences,” Stengle says. “They meet academic requirements and earn college credits while fulfilling goals of traveling, learning about new cultures and interacting in a global community.

BMCC Study Abroad Scholarship Winners, Summer 2017

Through Hosteling International Explore the World Scholarships, Houreidja Tall, Angelica Suriel and Shakema Martin will travel to Brazil — as will Margaret Olasemo, Gerome Brown and Valerie McGree, thanks to their UMLA scholarships. They will be accompanied by BMCC Professor Judith Anderson.

In addition to winning the Explore the World Scholarship, Shakema Martin won a Benjamin A. Gilman scholarship.

Yandeli Cabrera received a Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship to travel to Spain, and will be joined by Lottyizet Nunez, who received a CUNY Global Scholarship, with Professor Fanny M. Rodriguez.

Jose Lobo received an UMLA scholarship to travel to Peru for a Study Abroad experience accompanied by BMCC Professors Michael McGee and June Soto.

Yuliana Cuzzi and Daniel Uribe will travel to Italy with CUNY Global Scholarships, along with BMCC Professors Jose Chacon and Giulia Zenii.

Diana Gots will use her CUNY Global Scholarship to travel to Greece with Professors Peter Bratsis and Jose Haro.

Joveair Brice received an Explore the World Scholarship, and his destination is being determined.


The next Study Abroad application cycle opens in late Fall 2017. For more information, please contact Deborah Stengle, BMCC Academic Study Abroad Program Manager at

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  • BMCC Study Abroad students will travel to Greece, Peru, Italy, Brazil and Greece in Summer 2017
  • Students take a Study Abroad course related to their destination and earn college credit
  • Peru is a new destination for Summer 2017

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