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BMCC Experts

Nursing and Healthcare

    • Edna Asknes

      Expertise: Obsterical and Psychiatric Nursing Care.
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    • Judy Eng

      Expertise: Pediatrics.
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    • Josephine Britanico

      Expertise: Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, Pediatric Nursing.
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    • Patricia Boyle-Egland

      Expertise: Nursing Skills Instruction, Child Development and Learning, Child Abuse.
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    • Sophia Clarke

      Expertise: Human Patient Simulators in Nursing Education.
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    • Paula Field

      Expertise: Obstetrical and Psychiatric Nursing.
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    • Sung Gwak

      Expertise: Critical Care Nursing, Nursing Careers in Cardiac and Respiratory Units.
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    • Jacqueline Nichols

      Expertise: Health Care Administration, Maternal-Child Care, Nurse Training with Human Patient Simulators, Army Medical Training Units, Technology in Nurse Education.
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    • Janice Summers

      Expertise: Nursing Education, Health Policy, Neurosurgery and Neuromedicine.
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