BMCC Experts — Social Justice and Activism

  • Matthew Ally
    Expertise: Social Justice Issues, Philosophy of Mind/Consciousness Studies, Environmental Philosophy, Continental Philosophy.
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  • Kristen Cole
    Expertise: Teacher Education, Social Justice Issues, Race and Ethnicity, Qualitative Research Methods, Pedagogy, Literacy, Early Childhood Education, Democracy and Schooling , Cultural Diversity, Arts in
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  • Alex D’Erizans
    Expertise: European History, French Revolution; Literature in the History Class; Community College Honor Societies.
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  • Shari Mekonen
    Expertise: Independent Documentary Film, Jewish Refugees, Political Activism in Film.
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  • Maria Pagan-Rivera
    Expertise: Mental Health, School Social Work, Child Development.
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  • Diana Rickard
    Expertise: Wrongful Conviction, Criminal Justice Reform.
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  • Lisa H. Rose
    Expertise: Welfare policy, The Continuum of Social Work Education, Domestic Violence Awareness for Junior and High School Students, Alternative Housing Programs in NYC, Child Advocacy, Issues of School
    Retention for Young Women of Color.
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  • Brianne Waychoff
    Expertise: Feminist Theory, Activism, Praxis and Performance; Women’s and Gender Studies; LGBTQ Issues; Performance for Social Change; Digital Communication; Performance of Literature.
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  • Elizabeth Whitney
    Expertise: Theatre (Acting, Voice, Movement, History), Speech, Social Justice Issues, Performance Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Feminist Theory, Cultural Diversity.
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