BMCC Experts — Higher Education

  • Jim Berg
    Expertise: Twentieth Century Literature, LGBT studies, Community Colleges.
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  • Kristen Cole
    Expertise: Teacher Education, Social Justice Issues, Race and Ethnicity, Qualitative Research Methods, Pedagogy, Literacy, Early Childhood Education, Democracy and Schooling , Cultural Diversity, Arts in
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  • Katherine Conway
    Expertise: Business Methods, Community Colleges, Distance Learning, Access to Education.
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  • Mark Hoffman
    Expertise: Reading, Critical Thinking, Literacy
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  • Cara Kronen
    Expertise: Educational Policy, Education and School Policy, Issues of Urban Education.
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  • Yolanda Medina
    Expertise: Bilingual Education (Spanish).
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  • Manny Romero
    Expertise: Public Relations, Crisis Communications, Marketing for Higher Education and Non-profit organizations, Community Outreach Strategies, Digital Communications Strategies, Effective Social Media
    Strategies and Brand Management.
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  • Christopher Shults
    Expertise: Institutional Effectiveness,Strategic Planning, Accreditation, Assessment and Evaluation, InstitutionalResearch, Higher Education, Community Colleges, Minority Serving Institutions,
    Organizational Behavior and Management, Institutional Culture and Climate, Leadership Scholarship and Development, Positive Organizational Scholarship, Research Methods, Analytics, Qualitative Research.
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  • Joseph Spadaro
    Expertise: IT Strategy and Execution, Enterprise IT Systems, IT Governance, Collaborative IT Partnerships, Team Building and Leadership.
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  • Alejandro Varderi
    Expertise: Popular Culture, Latino/Latin American Studies: Immigration, Cultural Identity, Socio-economic Status, European Literature and Film, Creative Writing, Arts in Education.
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  • Diane K. Walleser
    Expertise: Strategic Enrollment Management, Process Improvement, Marketing, Brand Development, One-Stop Student Service Centers, Student Experience and Strategic Planning
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  • Erwin J. Wong
    Academic Program and Curriculum Development, Articulation Agreements, Academic Advisement, Pedagogy, The Renaissance, The Restoration, Drama, Popular Culture.
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