Alumni Now: Orville Ingram

Mr. Ingram, who earned his associate degree in Communication and Media Studies, was president of the Student Government Association and an Out in Two scholar at BMCC. Today, Mr. Ingram is Assistant Principal of the Bronx Lab School, an NYC Department of Education high school serving grades 9-12.

Q: What is your favorite memory (professor, class, etc.) of BMCC?

A: I have so many memories and people at BMCC who inspired me to be who I am today, it’s hard to describe here. I would say some of my favorite memories include my involvement with the various activities, clubs and associations; my very contentious yet professional SGA (Student Government Association) meetings, my fellow Phi Theta Kappans and SGA colleagues. I learned so much from being involved in those groups. I grew as a leader and made friends I am still in touch with today, people such as VP Marva Craig, Professors Kenneth Anderson, Maria De Vasconcelos and Susanna Powell, and the late Assistant Director of Student Activities, Isabel Cummings, to name a few who supported and inspired me every day as a student. Some still do, even today.

Q: How did BMCC help you get where you are today?

A: There was this collective support at BMCC that provided me with opportunities to navigate my way through college. I received an Out-in-Two scholarship that helped defray the cost of college, I got a job on campus, and through my involvement in various groups; SGA, Phi Theta Kappa, etc., I was able to secure a full scholarship to a four-year college. I have since gone on to earn a Master’s in Educational Administration and Supervision degree from Bank Street College of Education and a Master’s in Special Education and Teaching degree from Pace University. Certainly, my involvement in student groups, my academic success and the financial support I received from BMCC propelled me to reach my professional goals.

Q: What advice do you have for today’s BMCC students?

A: Get involved. Volunteer and get an internship. It is so necessary for you to be a part of the school community, in order to know the resources available to you as a student, including staff and faculty who will advocate for you. BMCC has a supportive staff, and I think students should utilize their expertise in order to feel and be successful throughout their college life.

Q: Why is it important for alumni to stay involved with BMCC?

A: Staying connected to BMCC has a lot of benefits. I think joining the Alumni Council will keep us updated on all things happening at the college as well as keep us connected with old friends. It will also help us maintain a professional network with other alumni through socials and reunions. Also, as an alumni of BMCC, you can take advantage of the benefits of the college, such as job-search help through career services, discount services and access to other college resources. But I think one of the most important reasons for me to stay involved with BMCC is to give back. BMCC has given me so much, I want to help those who are currently at the college, either through my professional involvement, by contributing to the scholarship fund, or being a mentor to current students.