WAC Certification for Faculty

Training sessions for full-time faculty interested in teaching Writing Intensive (WI) courses are held each semester. The training consists of five three-hour workshops facilitated by the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) coordinators and Writing Fellows.

Experiential Workshops

The workshops are experiential, in keeping with the WAC concepts we want to convey: that writing is a complex cognitive and linguistic process; that it is learned through experience; that students understand writing tasks better as they become aware of their own writing and thinking processes; and that when we teach, we may overlook the complexity of what we are asking students to do.

In addition to learning the basics of WAC pedagogy, the WAC training will give you the chance to develop your WI course in partnership with a Writing Fellow. Many faculty have appreciated the chance to revise their courses and get a head start on revising their syllabi and assignments.

Writing Fellow Support

You will continue to have the support of a Writing Fellow during the semester you teach your first WI course. The fellow can help refine your assignments and offer suggestions on how to best integrate writing into all aspects of your course.
More about Writing Fellows

Your Portfolio

All faculty who participate in the training will complete a portfolio for their first WI course. The portfolio is designed to help you reflect critically on the changes you’re making to your class and on what works – and doesn’t. By the end of the training semester, you’ll have a draft portfolio that contains the basic materials that you plan to use in your course – particularly a WI syllabus, formal writing assignments, and informal activities. During your teaching semester, you’ll replace your draft materials with what you actually used in class, along with examples of student writing. You can download copies of the portfolio checklists here.

After Completing Certification Process

Faculty who successfully complete the year-long certification process will receive $650 over the course of that year:

  • $500 for participating in the five workshops
  • $150 for continuing to work with a Fellow in your teaching semester and completing your final portfolio

Apply for Training

You can apply for the WAC training by contacting Holly Messitt (hmessitt@bmcc.cuny.edu) or Rifat Salam (rsalam@bmcc.cuny.edu). Currently, the workshops take place on Fridays in the Fall and Mondays in the Spring. The deadline for applying for the fall training is May 15 of the previous semester. Spring applicants should send in their materials by December 15.